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In this week’s guest blog post from, Charles “Chuck” Intrieri, he offers an allegorical editorial on how making time for Logistics and Supply Chain Management is important even in the busiest (and more profitable times).

I was talking to one of our customers recently. He’d been talking about a Transportation Management System (TMS) for nearly a year, so I thought the delay in confirming the order was probably due to the economy.

How wrong I was!

His problem is that he has been too busy trying to cope with the best year that he has ever done. He has no time to plan an expansion to his IT systems. A problem, no doubt, many 3PLs would love to have!

It reminds me of the story of the American war between the Army and the Native Americans. The Native Americans are trying to fight off the military with bows and arrows. A salesman with a Gatling gun is tapping the shoulder of the Indian chief. “Chief, can I interest you in this?”

The response, “Go away, can’t you see I’m trying to fight a war.”

Sometimes in business, we all have to reflect whether we need to put time aside now, to improve our profitability in the future.

This analogy happens frequently to many of us. We sometimes are too busy “fighting the battle”, the business battle, to hear any new ideas that may help us become a better manager for your company. We must sell our products to meet the sales quota deadline. We must purchase the right components, at the right quality, at the right price, and at the right time to support the production line.

In Logistics, we have to find the right transportation cost for our customer to get their order, to move their freight for them, and meet their customer’s delivery date. We are pressured to obtain the (LTL) less than a truckload freight, load it, and apply dun age to avoid loosening up in the trailer, not damage it in any way, consolidate it, and move it to the right destination on time, every time.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) can help you find the best routes & lanes for potential shipments. TMS offer benefits for shipping management, trading partner collaboration, freight payment and freight optimization. It can help you find the best routes and lanes for potential savings for the customer and logistics partner.

logistics-and-supply-chain-managementFinding the right TMS for you can be daunting, you can choose from:

  1. Cloud based
  2. Traditional on-site installation targeted to freight moving over the road, by rail, ocean going container or parcel shipments.

The receptionist calls the Logistics Manager: “There is a salesman/woman here in the lobby who represents a TMS system software solution, they say.”

The manager to the receptionist: “Don’t you realize that I am very busy analyzing my transportation excel spread sheets currently? I can’t see a TMS representative now? Are you kidding me?”

Let us know if you are proactive as a Logistics Manager, even in the most prosperous times, below!