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As 2014 comes near, and 2013 leaves us, we wanted to provide to you a quick and easy list of the top logistics blogs based on page views for 2013. On the Cerasis blog we have published exactly 200 blog posts in 2013 alone, with more to come next year! As always, although we are a third party logistics company who uses content marketing to attract shippers of freight in North America in order to offer freight management solutions through technology and services, our goal is to provide educational value and tips to make your job easier as well as to start conversations. If those who are in need of more effective freight management reach out to us for a consultation or demonstration of our transportation management system, great, if not, we are also OK with that. In the end, we welcome all interested in logistics, freight, supply chain, manufacturing, transportation, and more to read our blog! You may read all of the logistics blogs in that category here.

Top 10 Logistics Blogs of 2013 From the Cerasis Blog

  1. Logistics Service Level Agreement and Logistics Key Performance Indicators: A White Paper: One of our goals at Cerasis is to take away the cloud of confusion around these types of areas, and we have built a relationship with Chuck Intrieri, who is a 3PL consultant and works with those needing 3PL services to find the BEST fit for their needs. In his 25 plus years of experience, he has identified the KPIs that should be included in a Service Level Agreement.
  2. logistics blogsNon-Asset Based Logistics vs. Asset Based Logistics: What’s the Difference?Like most industries supported by service providers, the logistics and supply chain fields are made up of a wide range of providers who execute logistics functions and services in a variety of ways. Most logistics service provider generally can be divided into two broad categories: asset and non-asset based  logistics providers.
  3. Logistics Metrics: The Importance of Tracking Customer Service Performance: When it comes to how a shipper defines the value of a logistics provider or 3PL to the bottom line, there are often several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Logistics Metrics taken into consideration.
  4. CIO Review Selects Recipients of “Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Technology Solutions Companies in 2013”: In its December 2013 issue, CIO Review cited several factors for including Cerasis on their Top 20 list, including Cerasis’s pioneering development and successful applications of its freight and logistics technology to eliminate process errors and waste, provide robust logistics reporting, and improve their customer’s ability to better mitigate rising freight and logistics costs.
  5. Logistics Trends: The CSCMP’s 2013 “State of Logistics” Report Released Showing Key Findings: According to Rosalyn Wilson, this year’s report, which primarily covers the previous year, 2012, but also mentions briefly some logistics trends and activities in 2013, is strikingly similar to the previous two year’s “State of Logistics” report, concluding a common theme in the last three years of slow growth as the “new normal.”
  6. What is Transportation and Logistics Management and Are They the Same Thing?
  7. Servant Logistics Leadership: A Message from a Millennial About Leadership, Goals, and Vision: If you are a regular reader of the Cerasis blog, you know how active we are in social media, especially LinkedIn. I had the pleasure of coming across a young man in one of the LinkedIn groups I am a member of and engage in. He came to me looking for my advice on logistics leadership and how he should start out his quest in achieving his goal of one day working for a 3PL.
  8. How Making Time for Logistics and Supply Chain Management is Like Fighting a War with Bows & Arrows: His problem is that he has been too busy trying to cope with the best year that he has ever done. He has no time to plan an expansion to his IT systems. A problem, no doubt, many 3PLs would love to have!
  9. The Ultimate Inbound Logistics Management Best Practices Guide: In the webinar we covered the following material around best practices for inbound logistics management.
  10. Outsourcing Logistics: 6 Customer Service & Solutions Tenets for the Key To Success: From the beginning of any relationship, outsourcing logistics to a provider should always start with a customer-centric and a solutions standpoint. Unfortunately, the mention of freight logistics and third party logistics at times conjures up negative connotations.

When it comes to logistics blogs, there are no shortage of information. After browsing our top logistics blogs and the full category, which was your favorite? What would you like to see us write about in the way of Logistics next year? Stay tuned over the next few days as we unveil the top Supply Chain, manufacturing, transportation, freight, business, and 3PL blogs from the Cerasis blog in 2013!