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Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Business Advice Curated from LinkedIn Groups


It’s Wednesday, and for me that means curating all the amazing advice I have received (over 400 comments and counting!) after asking in over 50 LinkedIn groups made up of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics professionals. Since I have done all the work of finding these groups, I think sometime next week I may make an extra blog post from myself about these groups and a little blurb so everyone else can gain the invaluable knowledge from collaborating in these groups. I have been active in them for over 6 months, and have learned more in that short time about the industry at large than I had in the previous five years. Thank you internet, and thank you social media!

With that said, speaking of social media, it is in fact a way to connect REAL people and businesses. So, to force myself to stay inspired and to get to know the over 1 million LinkedIn members I can possibly reach when I am active in the groups, I thought it was best to simply ask my new LinkedIn cohorts some of the best business advice they have ever received in order to motivate my internal team towards our 10 year goals. I then had to figure out a way to present this info, so now I am doing a weekly blog post, curating 20 of the business advice left by the LinkedIn members in those groups I am active in and a part of.  I will always link back to the LinkedIn profile of the user who left the comment, their job title and company, and hopefully, if I can find it, a little link back to their company website (it is a professional network with a goal of gaining new relationships and business after all!) and a twitter profile if applicable so you can reach out and tweet them if you wish, thanking them for such great advice!

Without further ado, here are this week’s 20 “Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received,” as curated through LinkedIn!


“Who, what, where, how, when, why (Never stop asking questions and assume nothing.)”

Steven W Ingels, Contracting and Consulting Project Logistician, Self Employed


sound-business-advice“Do not pretend to know something,you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to know and become a well thought of leader in the industry. ”

Sandile S. Sikondo, Rail Logistics Liason, at Jindal Africa


1) Being responsive to both internal & external customers
2) Being open & upfront with all stakeholders
3) Focus on building good will and long lasting relationships

Sunil Bharadwaj, Group Manager – Logistics & Distribution at A. Abunayyan Group


My first true career job was Purchasing Agent for a small manufacturing company. I was replacing my highly respected boss and was concerned about filling his shoes. His advice was “don’t try to fill my shoes, fill your shoes, each of us bring our own unique skills”.

Curt Dennis, Supply Chain, Project Management and Product Information Professional


Be credible and proactive. True credibility takes discipline. I never miss a day or time.

Chuck IntrieriTransCert Account Executive for Food Transportation


The boss isn’t always right but, he’s always the boss.

Stephen Dunn, PMP, Operations Manager at Unarco Material Handling , @Unarco


It’s not what you know, or who you know, it’s what you know about who you know. Key word “Know”.

Richard Bockwinkel, Vice President at ERB & Associates, Inc., Read the Steam Blog


People who make no mistakes are not doing anything.

Bud Mann, Part Time NC Consultant at CVTool Plant #2


There is no “I” in team is probably the best business advise I have received. When we grow as a team we all flourish.

Laura Taylor, Senior Supervisor at YRC Freight@yrcfreight


If you are able to help enough people get what they want, you will never lack in what you want. Great advice for managing people.

Jim Decker, VP of Sales & Business Development at VeriShip@VeriShip


A VP at a company told me this many years ago. “Managing people is very simple. Square pegs go in the square holes, round pegs go in the round holes”. While this may at first look seem insulting and condescending, it really is true. We need to select our people based on their skill sets, and then place them in positions where they can succeed and excel. It is a big mistake to place a person in a position where they are not equipped.

Steve Crawford, President at Arrow Solutions, Inc. and Owner at Steve Crawford Trucking


Never expect employees to be as you, work with whom they are and you shall see better results.

Hutchins Kevin, Shipping supervisor at Pridgeon and Clay


War is a great analogy to business. I usually refer to myself as a Gladiator. Gladiators usually don’t get to choose their battlefield so they have to fight even harder to stay alive.

John D. Thomas, Owner/Founder at Alex Freight Broker Training, Freight Brokering Blog


For me, this not only applies to business, but it applies to all of life as well…”Learning is as much about learning what not to do as it is what to do.” (Francis H. Laws, former professor of trombone at Wright State University)

Howard Bear, Office Aide – Inventory at Three Rivers Optical


My previous employer would tell me that “if you take care of the little things the big things will take care of themselves”.

James Bowen, Inventory and Logistics operation Manager at Grale Scientific


You are not as important to your customers business as you think you are. ” Every customer you call on is also in business, and they will never let you stand in the way of their advancement or the service of their customers. Also most likely whatever you are selling or servicing is only a small part of your customers overall business.

What I am saying is you have to work your butt off to learn the customer’s overall business and their goals. Then you apply yourself and your products to serving those needs and help your customer make money.

Fav. quote: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt

Vance Chapman, Sales/Purchasing Manager at Dole Refrigerating Company


Whoever walks in integrity walks securely. Your attitude determines your ultitude and latitude. Think big, be fair and don’t kill the goose that produces the golden egg.

Segun Osoteku, DM, Group Lead, Forecasting and Drilling Inventory Optimization at Saudi Aramco


“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W. Edwards Deming

Todd Standal, Lean Specialist at Complete Lean Solutions


“Where there is no vision the people perish” The Bible- Proverbs. Look where you want your business to go and plan your work and work your plan.

Robert G. Webb, President RGW Sales Canada


My current Manager’s frequent saying is “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. I remember this saying often when working with a team to ensure there is active communication, and when training to remember things one may take for granted the other may not know.

Elaine Eddy, Logistics Institute


Make sure you read the blog and add your thoughts in the comments section below! Stay tuned for next week’s new 20 “Best Business Advice Ever Received!”

All the best, and may we all prosper.

Steve Norall, Vice President of Business Development, Cerasis@Cerasis