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Steve Norall and Steve Ludvigson, after working as logistics professionals for years at Pitney Bowes, realized an opportunity in providing freight logistics service and technology solutions for those who ship primarily LTL, TL, and small package freight via a web-based application. In the beginning, the goal was to offer customer-centric solutions and technologies that not only solved a business problem but allowed customers to maximiz the use of services in order to help them grow and scale.

The entry of the Cerasis freight logistics solution to the marketplace eliminated the following freight management inefficiencies:

  • Calling multiple carriers AND negotiating rates
  • Writing bills of lading by hand
  • Having to follow-up on the status of shipment
  • Dealing with the myriad of freight accounting issues
  • Processing freight claims
  • Lacking transparency in  shipping and transportation departments

This begot the Cerasis Mission we stand by to this day.