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Manufacturing & Logistics Mobile Apps: Nearly 80% of Manufacturers to Develop Mobile Application this Year

Mobile applications are fast gaining ground as the preferred medium of communication and collaboration between businesses and customers. We are seeing this trend first hand with both manufacturing and logistics mobile apps not only from our customers, but also as we have spent the last year developing our own logistics mobile app, giving mobile access to our proprietary transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater (more on that below the following information). In fact, according to a new report from IDC Manufacturing Insights titled, “Business Strategy: Looking Forward to the Corporate Application Store,” (Document # MI241960), there is a rising trend of using a corporate application (app) store to manage the proliferation of  manufacturing and logistics mobile apps across manufacturing organizations. They go on to cite that the current adoption rates for corporate app stores are less than 20%, although almost 80% of manufacturers are developing mobile applications, and at a more rapid rate than traditional applications.

The Proliferation of Manufacturing & Logistics Mobile Apps Mirrors the Consumer Market

With billions of people around the world using smartphones on a daily basis for a number of needs and requirements, these mobile devices provide a great platform for apps which offers users with every conceivable kind of feature or applicability that they need. There are applications which users can use to make purchases, obtain higher level of satisfactory customer services, gather important information, or for entertainment/leisure purposes. Recent studies indicate that most users have switched over to mobile apps from using websites, and this bodes well for both developers and businesses. For manufactures, creating custom mobile apps gives them the perfect mode of communication with customers and potential customers, and it is no surprise that nearly 80 percent of manufacturers and logistics companies around the world have set their sights on manufacturing and logistics mobile apps development this year.

In a field that is all about getting goods where they need to be quickly and cost-effectively, it’s no surprise that manufacturing and logistics mobile apps and devices are fast becoming must-have tools for logistics, supply chain, and transportation professionals.

A range of new supply chain mobility devices and applications helps companies do everything from track assets and shipments, to execute transactions and processes, and collaborate with internal and external partners. Tapping into these tools helps logistics executives improve supply chain functionality, productivity, and efficiency—no matter where they are.

logistics mobile apps chart
Source: Logistics Viewpoints

Smartphones are the most widely used mobile device in supply chain and logistics operations, according to a recent survey by market research firm ARC Advisory Group. Handheld computers rank second. In addition, the lower price point for the devices and service, as well as the widespread user acceptance, make smartphones and tablets especially attractive, he notes.

The Development and Use of the Logistics Mobile App is on the Rise in the 3PL World

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are also developing smartphone applications to help increase mobile data access for their shipper clients. In fact, in order to stay on the cutting edge of offering the latest and easiest to use technology to process and manage freight, Cerasis announces the availability of the Cerasis Rater in both the Apple Itunes Store and Google Android Play Store along side other 3PL logistics mobile apps.

Cerasis, a third party logistics company, who revolutionized transportation management by offering one of the first web-based transportation management system, with the introduction of the Cerasis Rater in 1997, now brings you some of the great features to the logistics mobile apps world.

logistics mobile apps cerasis

With the mobile version of the Cerasis Rater Transportation Management System, you have at your fingertips to do the following from your smartphone by logging in:

  • Rate a less-than-truckload freight shipment
  • Track your freight shipment for real time visibility, with the ability to scan barcodes for easy use
  • View your last 7 days at a glance, or drill down to view all shipments of both less-than-truckload and small package freight
  • View your dedicated Cerasis Account Team contact information allowing you to get in touch with us at a moment’s notice
  • Read all pertinent announcements concerning the Cerasis Rater in the “Rater News” section
  • One click access to where you can keep up to date on Freight, Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain best practices and news

The Cerasis Rater is a powerful transportation management system to aid any company in managing their freight departments as well as realize both hard and soft cost savings to impact the bottom line.

NOTE: You must be a Cerasis customer in order to use the mobile version of the Cerasis Rater TMS. Please email or call (866) 664-6305 to request information about Cerasis services and products.

You may download the app from Apple here, or the Android Version of the mobile TMS here.