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Friday, October 26, 2018

Guaranteed Service
With the ongoing capacity challenges in the LTL marketplace, Guaranteed service offerings by our partner carriers remain a solid consideration. You should encourage your customers to use these services when a delivery has an elevated urgency, or a service failure may create an undue hardship.

Carriers flag Guaranteed shipments for maximum visibility and priority, so they receive the swiftest of transport with minimal delay. The money-back guarantee offered by carriers gives them the incentive to perform.  And even when a carrier fails to deliver on time, utilization of the Guaranteed service may lead to a faster transit than you would have received with regular LTL service.

There are several important considerations to make when using guaranteed services:

  • It is generally only available for direct service points
  • Restrictions for liftgate service and appointment deliveries may apply
  • Shipments may not qualify if picked up after 5 PM
  • Book your Guaranteed shipments with the carrier as early as possible to ensure success
  • If you must rescue a Guaranteed shipment, understand the carrier may not uphold the money-back guarantee unless you confirm with them prior to the rescue
  • Several carriers strongly encourage you to call the local terminal for a pickup request as this helps ensure no restrictions apply and the service can indeed be offered
  • Some carriers may have restrictions based upon delivery distance from their terminal
  • Several carriers restrict service based upon article length (i.e., greater than 8’)
  • While some carriers will automatically credit a failed shipment, others require a claim filing
  • Carriers requiring a claim filing typically have a 30 or 45-day filing window or the claim will be rejected
  • Most but not all carriers will remove both the linehaul and Guaranteed markup in the event of failure

You can find each carriers’ rules and restrictions for Guaranteed Service in their rules tariff.

Shipper’s Insurance
We covered the benefits of the Shipper’s Insurance program offered by GlobalTranz in a recent news brief.  And you have received several email notices regarding changes to how this program is offered in Command Center. To help you educate both yourself and your customers regarding this highly-beneficial program, we have made available the following links in the Agent Policies and Guidelines section on the GlobalTranz website.

Shipper Insurance Coverage Links

Roanoke-Cargo Shield FAQs for Agents
Roanoke-Cargo Shield FAQs for Shippers
Agent Cargo Shield Reference Guide
Excluded Commodities

Please send any questions about this service to insurancequestions@globaltraz.com.

Redeliveries and Bringbacks
Due to the capacity crunch, our partner carriers are focusing more attention than ever on costly service exceptions.  One of the most painful exceptions for carriers are bringbacks and their resultant redeliveries.  Bringbacks occur when the carrier must bring a shipment back to the terminal after failing to execute a delivery.  This can happen for many reasons such as an incorrect address, an erroneous order, damage, or arrival after consignee closure.  And as you can imagine, bringbacks have increased as e-commerce has fueled more residential deliveries.  These deliveries often require an appointment to ensure the customer is home when the carrier arrives.

In most cases, a bringback is followed by a redelivery.  When preferred by the consignee, a carrier may make a bringback available for a dock pickup.  Either way, carriers are going to charge for redeliveries and dock pickups when the bringback was not caused by the carrier.  They deserve this compensation, as bringbacks are incredibly costly for them to perform.  First, bringbacks destroy the delivery route.  Shipments are sequenced on the delivery route to speed up the unloading process. If a shipment cannot be delivered, it then gets in the way for the rest of the delivery route.  Second, carriers must bring back and then stage the undelivered shipment on their dock once the delivery route is complete.  Finally, carriers must absorb extra handling to reload and redeliver the shipment (or allow a dock pickup) to complete the freight tender.

There are several things you can do to help prevent bringbacks and their redeliveries:

  • Ensure the consignee name and complete address is correct on the BOL
  • Notate on the BOL if a delivery is residential or limited access in nature, and/or will require a liftgate
  • Notate on the BOL if the consignee has other than normal 8 am – 5 pm business hours
  • Notate on the BOL if the consignee will be closed on any specific days (like Fridays)
  • Notate on the BOL if the consignee will be closed for any specific times (like lunch)
  • Ensure shipments are packaged to withstand the rigors of the LTL freight environment

Freeze Protection
With colder temperatures right around the corner, it is time to begin preparing your customers for freeze protection where appropriate.  Some cold-sensitive commodities such as adhesives and food products can be damaged, or their efficacy can be impacted, by cold weather.

Many LTL carriers offer protection from freezing. They may use blankets, heaters, and warm dock areas, but the best protection is typically to just keep the freight moving and delivered as quickly as possible.

LTL carriers have set policies and procedures that govern their service offering.  When procedures are followed properly, this service is an excellent means of protecting shipments from the elements.  If protect from freezing service is provided by the carrier, and damage does occur, the carrier will generally be held liable.  You should expect the following when using this service:

  • Customers may be required to contact the carrier first before this service can be established
  • A specific BOL notation such as “Protect from Freezing” is required
  • Carriers will monitor weather patterns and may suspend the service if temperatures are too cold
  • Limits on liability can vary, so it is best to verify with the LTL carrier first
  • This service is generally available between October and April
  • This service typically applies only on commodities with a freezing point at or below 32F degrees
  • Exclusions for services such as appointments, reconsignments, drop trailers, and residential may apply
  • Verify the service requirements and policies with each carrier before utilizing their service

Protect from Freezing service is available via Command Center and Carrier Rate.  When you select this option, only the carriers offering the service will populate.  Again, you should still contact the carrier you select to ensure the service has not been suspended and is fully in force.

Positive Carrier Stories
GlobalTranz helps our customers move thousands of LTL shipments each and every day.  The majority are picked up and delivered on time with no service or damage issues, and with an invoice that meets expectations.  But, of course, exceptions do occur.  At times we experience issues or challenges that require some form of escalation with a carrier.

It is easy to begin forming the opinion that the exceptions are the rule.  But the reality is that when things go smoothly, they often go unnoticed.

We all know that capacity is tight these days. Our partner carriers are struggling to maintain their service standards. They are all working hard to take care of our GTZ customers. To help show our partner carriers that we appreciate the hard work they are doing, please funnel any positive stories you might have.  It could be a driver who went above and beyond on a pickup or delivery. Or a Customer Service Rep who stayed on the line and did whatever was needed to resolve a difficult situation.

Send your stories to LTLPricing@GlobalTranz.com, and include as much specific information as possible (Pro #, BOL #, location, employee names, etc).  We will be sure and share those stories with our partner carriers.  They will greatly appreciate this positive feedback, and so will their employees.

Questions? Feedback?

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