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If you are a shipper who regularly ships via the over-the-road mode of Less Than Truckload, also known as LTL, you understand there are a lot of moving parts to have efficient LTL Shipping. Efficient means executing a program that allows you to achieve maximum outcomes all while not using too many resources, too much time, or spending too much money. With transportation costs often comprising 4 to 7.5% of sales for a shipper, and with the myriad of factors involved in LTL shipping, shippers often forget about the core factors and fundamentals of LTL shipping.

We invite you to register and attend our educational webinar titled, “Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping” presented on October 5th, at 10:00 am CST.

You can register by visiting

Who Should Attend this LTL Webinar?

This webinar is perfect for:

  • Executives at Manufacturing, Distribution, and companies who ship freight via Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Managers
  • Freight Dispatch Staff
  • Anyone interested in learning more about LTL freight.

There is a lot to keep up with if you are shipping in the LTL mode, and education and expertise are the keys to success in maintaining control and visibility of your LTL freight.

What will you Learn in the Efficient LTL Shipping Webinar?

The 45 to 60-minute webinar on “Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping”, will teach you how to better manage the process and the costs associated with shipping via LTL by covering the following material:

  • The Best Practices of LTL Shipping
  • The Carrier Scorecard
  • LTL Freight Shipping Rates
  • How to Save with LTL Freight Shipping
  • LTL Shipping Accounting Options
  • The Consequences of Misrepresenting Freight
  • Why a TMS is best for LTL Freight Shipping
  • Conclusion and wrap-up
  • Q&A Session

Remember to register for the webinar and receive automatic attendance notifications by visiting