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Making The Case For TMS Implementation 

Selecting a TMS can be a daunting prospect for shippers, and making the case internally for implementation is often the first hurdle. In this installment of the “High Tech, High Touch” series, FreightWaves writer Brian Straight explores the many reasons why an increasing number of shippers are turning to Managed Transportation Services partners and the impactful TMS technology they provide.  

Above and beyond the expected cost reduction, visibility, and efficiencies that a TMS providethe systems are also capable of generating vast amounts of data that can be used in additional ways. According to Steve Banker, vice president of supply chain services at ARC Advisory Group, “I would argue, for example, that a balanced set of metrics also should include some measure of how popular a shipper is with carriers; whether the shipper is a shipper of choice. First tender acceptance rate for the lead carriers on your lanes is a good proxy for performance as a shipper of choice. 

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