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Embracing the changes brought forth by technology in today’s world of digitization hasn’t harmed anyone, provided they haven’t misused or exploited the resource. It is perhaps because of the technological advancements and digitization, a blog gets published online and reaches out to a wider group of audience, which might otherwise not have been possible with manual efforts.

Coming back to the context of technology, and its significance in helping manufacturing businesses grow, it is to be mentioned that the benefits of adopting the resource are actually productive due to a lot of reasons. Here’s everything you were missing out, and things that you need to know.

  1.      IOTs for a safer, smarter and more productive manufacturing business

The Internet of Things or IOT, to be precise, is one giant of a revolution to have occurred in the field of technology and innovation.  From electronic appliances to vending machines, and security systems to commercial environments, this is one technology which has perhaps entered the realm of smart choices and productivity. For example, manufacturers and production supervisors can consider roping in digital systems that can help them to monitor productivity, growth, and shortcomings simultaneously.

Since it’s a known fact that manufacturing business involves stringent production parameters and deadlines, it goes without saying that IOT applications like Smart Product Management devices and Supply Chain Control applications and the use of safety wearables in the factory might just make things much easier, safer and smarter in terms of production monitoring and improvement.

  1.      Email campaigns help manufacturing businesses with better click-through rates

There are around 2.6 billion email users and 4.3 billion email accounts worldwide. Thus, for you and your manufacturing business, there’s always a fair chance to rope in maximum customers through email content, and keep subscribers updated with the latest news and services your business would offer.

If we are to talk about the significance of technology and innovation in the field of the manufacturing business, you cannot ignore the benefits of well-built and well-executed email campaigns. In the manufacturing industry, generating the coveted sales and maximum Return on Investment are things of highest concern.

Thus, embracing the benefits of creative email campaigns can help entrepreneurs with more clicks on their websites, better exposure, and increased number of incoming web traffic to their business sites, blogs and journals.

  1.      Augmented Reality has great potential to help manufacturing businesses flourish

AR or Augmented Reality is yet another technological advancement manufacturing industry which has gradually started to count on. As posted in the, AR in manufacturing has at least five notable applications covering the different crucial aspects, including the process of dealing with the complex assembly, maintenance, quality assurance, expert support and automation.

From helping with complex assembly of manufactured product to helping people in maintaining manufacturing equipment, and ensuring support with metrology or quality assurance, the application of Augmented Reality is gradually coming up with further extensions and helpful features, requisite for an unhindered industrial environment.

The Trends that Will Forever Shape Manufacturing in 2018 & Beyond



  1.      Cloud computing is the new wave change in the field of data monitoring

It goes without saying that the manufacturing industry has to deal with a lot of shared data, send across data, and make critical business decisions based on various aspects and information extracted from various geographical territories across the globe.

Now, in order to manage bulk data, keep track of all extracted information and keep data confidential and safe from third-party interventions, cloud computing is another technological advancement that can help the manufacturing industry manage all organizational details better, experience an improved production graph, and an enhanced Return on Investment.

  1.      3D Printing is changing the face of the manufacturing industry

Talking of what technology can do for your manufacturing industry, 3D printing is another device that gets a special mention and can actually bring a huge difference in this field in the near future. Reportedly, 3D printing is a $6.063 billion market in today’s market. Manufacturing processes like the design and rapid prototyping are likely to be benefitted the most by this particular technology.

Moreover, roping 3D technologies are said to save more time. Now, this, as a result, is likely to help the industry with improved productions, enhanced performance, lightweight designs, reduced labor cost for manually creating designs and the likes.

  1.      Technology helps you to take manufacturing businesses to the global stage of recognition

This is yet another major advantage of the manufacturing industry can be benefitted from if we are to talk about how technology is going to improve the productivity graph of your business. In today’s world where almost everything under the sun has gone digital, if you are not roping in technologies and coming up with a well-built website offering a one-stop shop for your target audience, then you are surely missing out on a lot of things.

Astound Commerce conducted research and monitored 1,000 customers who prefer online shopping and have visited a manufacturer’s website in the last six months. The survey eventually found out that more 55% of consumers choose to shop directly with brand manufacturers, rather than counting on the retailers. It makes it pretty evident that the importance of branding along with a brand website is a thing manufacturers cannot afford to ignore. Now, who saves the day? Technology!

  1.      Conventional paperwork could be replaced by automated systems for enhanced productivity

Again, talking of productivity and its scopes for improvement in the manufacturing industry, it is to be mentioned that the conventional methodologies used for important paperwork are both unsafe and time-consuming to a certain extent. Now, this is where the benefits of roping in technology could come into play.

Office paperwork management apps like Docady, LastPass and CamScanner have great advantages when it comes to organizing all important documents, scanning pages and maintaining an efficient to-do lists quite efficiently. Moreover, introducing the internet to your employers and allowing them to access the same might just help them in figuring out all essential information related to their individual job role and complexities in a snap.

Key Takeaways

There’s no denying that technology is perhaps one change which has happened to us for the betterment of mankind, and makes the world more progressive. Thus, when it comes to the manufacturing industry reaping the benefits of all sorts of technological advancements, industrialists across the globe are expected to take initiatives that can help their businesses flourish and prosper from every aspect.

Moreover, the PWC’s Annual Manufacturing Report suggests, 80% of people are of the opinion that digital technology has been quite beneficial for them and their businesses. This makes for a good note to end this blog with. With increasing demand for technological advancements and industries across the globe coming together to embrace what’s new and happening, it seems that the world would soon build a smarter, more skilled and productive generation in terms of business operations and revenue.

Author Bio – Nathan William is an online business consultant associated with a firm based in Sydney, Australia. In addition to it, Nathan is an assignment help expert, who works on behalf of If Nathan’s not working, chances are that one can find him enjoying road trips with friends or training kids with Karate lessons.