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Editor’s Note: As you know by now, we like to talk about subjects related to manufacturing. Drill bits are used in personal application, but there are also manufacturing drill bits used in the manufacturing process of various products. We hope this post is helpful in helping you find the right tool for the job!

Choosing the right manufacturing drill bit for the job at hand is no easy task for a novice. If you’re planning on drilling through certain materials, you’ll need to make sure you have the right drill bit. Otherwise, you could end up doing damage to your tools, your materials and even yourself.

A drill bit is a building material that falls into the category of cutting tools. Simply put, the drill bit mechanism means that bits are connected to the drill that rotates the whole drill bit mechanism while providing the axial force and the torque to create the desired hole. If you look at industrial supplies by gotstock, drill bits are made of steel. However, in the modern and current technological world, they can also be made from polycrystalline diamond and carbide materials.

Still confused? Don’t worry. We will provide you with the required information along with all the essential aspects that you need to consider when choosing the right drill bit for a specific job. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Common Types of Manufacturing Drill Bits

Before you choose the best manufacturing drill bit for the specific task that you want to tackle, you should first have the knowledge of the most common drill bits, what they do and on what materials and finally how effectively will each fit your needs. For this reason, the following are the most commonly used drill bits and how efficiently they perform on different materials.

1. Wood Drill Bits

These types of drill bits can be used on any wood including; softwood, hardwood, veneer and plywood because they have one central point that has a high cutting capacity for any wood material.

2. Metal Drill Bits

manufacturing drill bit optionsThese types of drill bits are used to drill any metal, and they have a benefit since they can also be used to drill holes in wood materials. Purchasing a good set of metal drill bits means you’re less likely to need to buy any other type unless your job is something very specific.

3. Concrete and Masonry Drill Bits

These drill bits are made up of a steel shaft and an embedded carbide spear joint that is brazed into them. Their tips are made up of carbide and designed to be much thicker so as to withstand high resistance from concrete walls.

4. Tile and Glass Drill Bits

In shape, these drill bits look like small spears. When using these types of drill bits, the glass size and material is a factor of consideration but low speed of drilling is a common aspect of these types of drill bits.

5. Expandable Drill Bits

These are the multipurpose drill bits, which can be used on any material. They have a standard central screw point that helps them to go through any wood. Additionally, they have a single spur and flat cutter that ensures they are effective for any other material. They are the ideal drill bits for large holes but, on the other hand, keep them sharp to ensure adequate performance.

So now you know what types of the manufacturing drill bit are available for many different jobs you should now be able to go about choosing the one that is right for you. When it comes to heavy duty work, there are a variety of brands that are good, especially when you look at industrial supplies by gotstock. Hitachi, for example provides a fantastic bit set that pretty much covers everything you might need to drill into, and depending on the drill you have, you’ll be able to use these bits for most jobs where you need the use of a drill.

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