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Editor’s Note: We culminate our ongoing series over the last few weeks with Armagard, Manufacturers of indoor and outdoor protective enclosures for computers, printers and LCD/LED digitalsignage displays, regarding tips on the manufacturing floor. As we have discussed on our blog over the years, manufacturers around the globe are turning to technology to create efficiency. This involves both software and hardware. When it comes to expensive hardware, Armagard is a fantastic company to buy products that truly protect your capital investment in computer equipment. In this manufacturing floor computer integration e-guide, you’ll learn a great deal about how to successfully achieve protecting your computer hardware all without breaking the bank.

Download The Manufacturing Floor Computer Integration e-Guide



The consensus is that ‘the internet of things’ is the future of the manufacturing floor. With that in mind, computer integration is becoming more commonplace across manufacturing firms worldwide.

However, some get integration so wrong. This eGuide takes you through the basics of manufacturing floor computer integration. Download it here, today…

What’s the Computer Integration on the Manufacturing Floor eGuide about?

The rise of ‘the internet of things [IoT]’ has led to an increasing use of web-connected devices to assist with manufacturing floor processes, which includes the humble ‘office’ computer. The eGuide lists the do’s and
don’ts of computer integration to ensure the best possible installation for any project.

Why a Guide?

computer integration on manufacturing floor

Too many plants get computer integration on the manufacturing floor so wrong, often overspending or using equipment that cannot survive the rigors of the shop floor.

This eGuide exists to give operational directors, manufacturing floor supervisors and key staff a starting point for computer integration on the shop floor, providing a basic formula to follow for a successful installation.

Who is the Guide For?

manufacturing floor computer integration

Any manufacturing firm embarking on a computer integration project for the purposes of internet connectivity. In particular, operational directors, manufacturing floor supervisors and the workforce can make use of this guide. It can also be used for reference during planning meetings.

How Will this Guide Help You?

manufacturing floor computer integration eGuide

It will help you to avoid the pitfalls associated with manufacturing floor computer integration. Not only will it help you with preparing your shop floor for today, it will help you to futureproof computers and the internet of things for years to come.

Where Can You Get the Guide?

Right here. Click the link…

‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Computer Integration on the Manufacturing Floor’ 

Fill in the blanks and get the PDF guide delivered to your inbox.