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Some very revealing research was just published by B2B lead generation firm SalesStaff detailing the way B2B companies respond to sales inquiries. The SalesStaff team conducted research in pursuit of hard data around lead response time and process among various B2B companies, including the Manufacturing sector. ‘Contact Us’ forms were completed on the websites of 350 B2B organizations, spanning various industries and revenue ranges.

The research report provides a detailed snapshot of how B2B companies fare in their lead response, and the Manufacturing industry performed well in some areas and not so well in others.

Once again, SalesStaff has published some eye-popping research that all B2B companies can benefit from and you would be remiss if you didn’t take a look for yourself:

market response call to action

Here are some of the key takeaways for the manufacturing industry:

The percentage of manufacturing companies that responded at all to an inbound sales lead was only 31% which lands the sector in the bottom half of all industries surveyed.

manufacturing industry percentage responded

It’s staggering that over half of those surveyed didn’t attempt any follow-up at all, which is odd to say the least. Reaching out is step one and doing so in a prompt manner is just as important. All of the evidence offered by the sales and marketing community lends toward a single conclusion: The quicker a company follows up on inbound inquiries, the better the connect rate.

Although the Manufacturing industry ranked first in terms of speed in responding to inbound sales inquiries, they ranked dead last in number of attempts before giving up.

average of how many calls made per day

The manufacturing industry did very well in speed of response to inbound inquiries, logging an average time to send an email at about 39 hours. However, manufacturing sector constituents gave up trying to reach prospects by phone after just 1.5 attempts, on average. One of the hallmarks of a great sales team is persistence and the lack of it is alarming.

All in all, this was a great report outside of the stats mentioned that pertain to the manufacturing industry. Highly recommend that you download the report here.

What you’ll learn:

  • How long does it take B2B companies to respond to inbound leads?
  • How many email/phone attempts do typical B2B companies make on an inbound lead?
  • How persistent are B2B companies in reaching out to inbound leads?
  • What’s the mix of phone calls and emails in attempts to contact an inbound lead?
  • How did your industry fare in their lead response metrics?