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Today we came across a great manufacturing infographic that touts the importance of manufacturing to America and the economy we feel many would love to see. It aligns well with the goals of Cerasis as a company and what we are aiming to achieve with our blog.

A Logistics Provider Focused on Offering Value

One of our core tenets at Cerasis is to make our customers’ lives better by allowing them  to focus on their core competencies when we empower our customers, whom many of are manufacturers, with freight management services and powerful proprietary transportation management system software to better procure transportation and make better business decisions to continually drive down the resources needed to both receive and send freight. We look to extend this solutions based and relationship based partnership mindset in our blog by offering information on the state of manufacturing, distribution, freight, transportation and logistics. When we can provide information that continues to reinforce a mindset of customer service and help, we feel our customers, potential customers, our carrier partners, those in our industry, and Cerasis win. If we have readers that never become or even cannot be our customers, we are perfectly fine with that. In the end, our goal with our blog and all of what we do at Cerasis is to offer value and solve issues by offering tips and best practices related to transportation, freight, and logistics for our manufacturing, distribution, and freight shipping clients.

This great manufacturing infographic  is a great resource to many who want to not only know about the state of manufacturing, but those also in the ancillary fields such as economics, distribution, supply chain, and transportation. As many in the industry know, there has been a lot of debate about the importance of employment in manufacturing. The below manufacturing infographic shows how important it is that we replace those retiring in manufacturing with new workers. However, there is a major challenge to do so, causing what is known as a “Skills Gap.” We have written extensively in the past on what is the skills gap, if there really is a skills gap in manufacturing, and how we might be able to solve the skills gap issue in manufacturing. Make sure you check out those articles as well, as it relates directly to the below manufacturing infographic.

As part of their “Measuring America” series, the U.S. Census released a manufacturing infographic, “Manufacturing in America”, that illustrates how manufacturing plays a major role in our economy. According the Census Bureau’s latest County Business Patterns, the manufacturing sector includes almost 300,000 establishments with 11 million employees producing goods consumed domestically or export abroad. View the complete infographic on the U.S. Census website. Make sure you look at the questions below the infographic so you can leave your thoughts and we can all have a meaningful conversation around this manufacturing infographic.

Manufacturing Infographic: A Look at How Manufacturing Compares to Other Industries in Employment

manufacturing infographic


Comment Below on YOUR Thoughts from The Manufacturing Infographic Above

  • What surprises you from this infographic?
  • Do you think it’s necessary for manufacturing to be the number one employer in order for America to sustain it’s economy?
  • What would you suggest to increase manufacturing employment?
  • Will reshoring dramatically increase manufacturing jobs, or are those jobs ever coming back?

Would love to hear from you below! Thanks for being one of our 10,000 monthly readers! Our blog is one of our passions and we hope you enjoy it too!

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