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[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Jobs Statistics: Manufacturing Adds 1,000 Jobs in September, 40,000 Added Since January

manufacturing jobs statistics

As I was reading my manufacturing blogs this morning, I came across this great infographic from ADP on the IndustryWeek website about manufacturing jobs statistics for September. In short, only a 1,000 manufacturing jobs were added in September. How does this compare to August? Manufacturing added 4,000 Jobs in August, so there is a dip in September, but, for the year, manufacturing jobs have gone down almost 13,000 total jobs to a total of 11,906,000 manufacturing jobs in the US. As of the most recent data from ADP, we are still off the peak of 11,929,000 million manufacturing jobs seen in June of this year. Year to date compared to the Overall, the U.S. economy added 166,000 workers in the private sector in September, according to payroll processing firm ADP’s monthly employment report.

manufacturing jobs statistics ADP Report

If you would like to look at all the  manufacturing jobs statistics, as well as other jobs data over the last 12 years, ADP provides an excel spreadsheet you can download and check out here.

National Association of Manufacturers chief economist Chad Moutray notes, manufacturing employment growth and manufacturing jobs statistics “continues to be disappointing.”

ADP’s monthly report received particular attention because the federal government shutdown was likely to result in the Bureau of Labor Statistics not issuing its payroll report on time.

Manufacturing Jobs Statistics Infographic from ADP

Private-sector employment increased by 166,000 from August to September, on a seasonally adjusted basis.


  • Small businesses (1-49 employees) +74,000
  • Medium businesses (50-499 employees) +28,000
  • Large businesses (500 or more employees) +64,000
  • Manufacturing Jobs Statistics +1,000

Note: All size data included in the ADP National Employment Report is based on size of business, defined as an entity with a unique Employer Identification Number, which may include multiple establishments. Sum of components may not equal total due to rounding.

manufacturing jobs statistics infographic

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