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Manufacturing LinkedIn: The Top Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, and Freight Groups on LinkedIn


It started out with me just wanting to better understand my customers. I went to LinkedIn and searched for “Manufacturing LinkedIn.” If you’ve been following me on LinkedIn in the 50 or so groups I am actively a part of, then you are well aware of my company’s, Cerasis, journey into the exciting (and often fast and confusing) world of digital, social media and content marketing. We recently brought on board a Marketing Manager in social media, and he told me that a good way to reach people these days, and show the goals, desires, and the products and services of a company, was through a holistic, integrated marketing plan heavily focused on digital elements such as email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, a good website, since this is my fourth blog post, blogging. However, I didn’t feel like I was necessarily the right person to blog, until I stumbled upon the profound reach of LinkedIn as a way to crowdsource ideas from like minded professionals.

manufacturing-linkedinContinuous Improvement Backed By Sound Business Advice

Now, in the spirit of continuous improvement, often, new ideas and technology are what drive a company forward, but many forget the tried and true fundamentals of sound business advice. I have found that on LinkedIn, in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Freight, Transportation, and Distribution groups I am a member of, there are some amazing, passionate, and certainly very knowledgeable folks in these groups. I have learned more in the last 7 months of being active in these groups about my customers needs, pains, and triumphs just by following the discussions and participating.

All Good Things Must Come to An End

About two months ago, I thought to myself, that although our company is very energized by our new marketing initiatives, I wanted to find a way to send our employees some motivation through sound fundamental business advice. So, I thought, why not ask the great people of my LinkedIn Groups! They surely will have a few tidbits I can pass onto my people! Well, little did I know, that when I asked, I would receive over 400 comments to my question! That is great reach and power to tap into!  That led to me blogging about great business advice and citing those who contributed in the groups. However, now that this is my fourth post, I think putting together another list of 20 pieces of advice may be somewhat redundant, as you can access the discussions on LinkedIn simply by joining these great groups!  Instead of putting the advice back out there, this week I decided to curate and post links to some of the best groups to join on LinkedIn in the Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Freight worlds! Below, please find a list of these great groups and their descriptions! Let me know what groups YOU like in this space on LinkedIn in the comments below!

Great Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, and Freight Groups On LinkedIn

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology: A group for members of AMT and professionals invested in manufacturing to facilitate industry-related networking, new business opportunities, and the exchange of ideas.

Size: 5,000 Members

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Automotive Logistics Professionals: Welcome Logistics Professionals – Our automotive field has unique challenges and actions that are quite different than other industries. As a leader in the advancement of ASNs and other supply chain innovations, this site is for people willing to network on ideas, opportunities and challenges.

Size: 3,696 Members

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CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals: CSCMP celebrates 50 years! Founded in 1963, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is the preeminent association for individuals involved in supply chain management. CSCMP provides global educational, career development, and networking opportunities to over 9,000 members.

Size: 27,932

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Freight Management Best Practices: This group is open to shippers, carriers, consultants, logistics service providers, software vendors, government officials, trade associations, media and other transportation professionals that have expertise or an interest in North American surface transportation. Sales solicitation of freight, software or consulting services is not permitted in the group. Those interested in recruiting transportation professionals or posting loads can join one or more of the other LinkedIn groups that have a focus in this area.

Size: 300

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Industrial DistributionIndustrial Distribution offers news, editorial, product, and video content relative to the industrial distribution marketplace. This community exists to open discussion about topics relating to industrial distribution and to further encourage dialogue between colleagues in the industry.

Size: 3,862

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IndustryWeek manufacturing networkIndustryWeek provides the manufacturing industry with best practices and analysis to achieve leadership excellence. The IndustryWeek Manufacturing Network connects decision-makers in all types of manufacturing businesses. Build your manufacturing network, learn from your peers, and collaborate with other leaders through IndustryWeek magazine & If you are in manufacturing management, join IW.

Size: 3,621

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Linkin Transportation ProfessionalsNetworking Group for Transportation Professionals.

Size: 49,765

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Logistics & Supply ChainLogistics is a last but very important ring of any Business operation’s chain. It is responsible for handing over the final product to the end user. This Group is for connecting those who belongs to :

Export Operation + Domestic Logistics + Suply Chain + Warehouse Management

Together we can make vibrant change in these operation by sharing small / major operational information (except company’s confidential information).

Size: 9,097

Stats on Group

Logistics & Supply Chain PerformanceLogistics & Supply Chain Performance (LSCP) is a group for professionals in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management who are interested in driving their performance.

LSCP aims to connect logistics & supply chain professionals in order to expand their network, share knowledge, experience, resources, best practices and benchmark results that enables them to improve and gain more control over their logistics and supply chain processes/performance. Members are challenged to actively participate in this community.

Interesting for professionals active in: Purchasing; Warehousing; Manufacturing; Distribution; Transport; Reverse- and Service Logistics.

Size: 16,569

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Logistics and Distribution ProfessionalsCareer Advancement Opportunities arise everyday however most professionals are hard at work and too busy to seek these opportunities out on their own. If you are a Distribution or Logistics Professional who would like to be alerted discretely as positions open that would allow you to advance your career, you are welcome to join our group.

Size: 4,020

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Logistics and Supply Chain professionalsThis is a group for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals. Goal is to share knowledge and stress the importance of supply chain management in today’s competitive environment.

Size: 22,885

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Logistics NetworkLogistics professionals global network

Size: 32,148

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Manufacturing ExecutiveManufacturing Executive helps manufacturing make better decisions, in less time and with less risk. You will be able to collectively solve your biggest challenges and interact with your peers, anytime, anywhere.

• Identify new customers, partners, and suppliers around the world based on industry, location, title, company size, and affinity
• Find new talent
• Chat in real time with fellow manufacturing executives faced with similar global challenges
• Collaborate on projects in private workspaces, with both internal and external partners
• Exchange strategies and best practices with your peers around the world
• Brainstorm new ideas with other experts across the manufacturing industry

Size: 7,015

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Manufacturing Operational ExcellenceWe believe in taking the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” approach to manufacturing performance management and wanted to create a platform where manufacturing professionals could find value in sharing their ideas, opinions & experiences. The Manufacturing Operational Excellence (MOE) Group is for those professionals dedicated to furthering their personal knowledge base and/or for those committed to maintaining competitive advantage. We welcome your participation – come ask questions, share ideas, get information and explore various possibilities within the arena of MOE.

Size: 5,314

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Material Handling Equipment Distributors AssociationThe Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is an international trade association comprised of member companies including distributors, manufacturers and other solution providers that represent the equipment and technology that serves as the backbone of the supply chain. Members sell, service, install and manufacture all types of equipment commonly found in a warehousing, distribution center, retail or manufacturing environment.

Size: 6,185

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North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI)NATMI is North America’s leading certification and training organization for today’s transportation professionals. NATMI provides internationally recognized university affiliated professional certification and training seminars for truck and bus fleet professionals. Content areas include fleet safety management, fleet maintenance management, risk management, accident investigation, cargo security and more. Serves the motor carrier industry including trucking, bus / motorcoach companies.

Size: 4,695

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Project Freight ManagementThe PFM group is for Project Freight & Logistics professionals.

Size: 3,101

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SCM ProfessionalsNetworking group for professionals involved in all areas of supply chain management including Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Logistics, Quality, Contracts, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Purchasing, Materials and SC optimization.

Size: 35,535

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SME Society of Manufacturing EngineersSME is an essential resource for manufacturing. It is a non-profit organization with an 81-year history of accumulating, validating and sharing manufacturing knowledge. Through its integrated strategic areas — events, publishing, membership, Tooling U-SME online training division and the SME Education Foundation — SME acts as the “solutionists” to help manufacturing stakeholders overcome their challenges with innovative, practical solutions.

Size: 23,515

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Supply Chain Today: Latest News & Trends, Delete Spam, Technology Innovation, Search Executive JobsOur group is one of the best collaborative communities on LinkedIn. Supply Chain Today keeps up to date on the latest news, trends, and job opportunities. We are looking for people who want to actively participate in our collaborative community. If you ask to join Supply Chain Today please help to continuously improve the great collaborative network by participating in discussion. Whether its finding a job, asking questions to increase your knowledge or finding job candidates, Supply Chain Today has a little bit of everything.

Size: 65,573

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The Association for Manufacturing ExcellenceThe Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is the premier not-for-profit organization dedicated to the journey of continuous improvement and enterprise excellence.

Size: 11,416

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The Logistics of Logistics: A group to be a resource for shippers and logistics professionals. Ideally, we will all learn from each other, build some relationships and maybe even make some money.

Size: 9,899

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Transportation Intermediaries AssociationTIA is the premier professional and educational organization of the $146 billion third party logistics industry. TIA is the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the voice of transportation intermediaries to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations. TIA is the U.S. member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders of Associations (FIATA). TIA members are the only members of the transportation industry bound by a mandatory code of ethics.

Size: 3,866

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If you have any groups you are a part of you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments section below!