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Matthew C. Yeshin,  FCIP, CRM  

Marsh Canada Limited – Managing Director


Current Responsibilities

Matthew Yeshin is Marsh Canada Limited’s National Practice Leader for Marine, Logistics and Transportation.


Specializing in insurance solutions for clients in transportation, mining and technology, Matthew joined Marsh in 1992 and has gained practical insurance experience both in the North American market, and while working at Marsh UK, a leading Lloyds broker in the United Kingdom.

In response to the emerging liability needs of the logistics and transportation industry, Matthew has developed a dedicated team of logistics and transportation specialists able to respond to the complex coverage and contractual issues of the industry, but who also understand the underlying cargo exposures and expectations of the shippers; from major international retailer to small local manufacturer. By understanding the interests of all parties to the logistics process, Matthew believes it is possible to develop balanced risk management solutions over heavy handed contractual transfers of risks.

As part of Marsh’s global e-commerce initiative, Matthew has also been involved with the development of web-based cargo and cargo liability insurance solutions, designed to integrate with existing shipment management systems allowing clients to effectively select insurance solutions as either an added value offering to shippers, or as a means to efficiently address a challenging contractual exposure.

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