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Last mile delivery is often the focus of discussions about e-commerce’s impact on supply chains. But movement of goods through the middle mile—from port to warehouse or distribution center (DC), between DCs/warehouses, and from warehouse to in-store, e-commerce storage areas—have been equally impacted. 

In an article in MHI Solutions, Maggie Turner, national account executive at GlobalTranz, shares her insights on how shippers are adjusting their supply chain to mitigate inconsistencies in middle mile pricing. Whether they choose to adjust the footprint of their DC’s and warehouses or to work with a 3PL to more effectively utilize carrier assets, “Everyone, from trucking companies to 3PLs to customers, needs to make sure that they are paying attention to the data that they are receiving and that they remain agile, because e-commerce will continue to shape what we do, what we buy and how we buy it,” said Turner.  

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