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Off the Supply Chain: China Rising

GlobalTranz is proud to sponsor FreightWaves’ new online program, “Off The Supply Chain,” a show for shippers that focuses on the interconnectedness of the supply chain and which features commentary from three expert guests each week.  

In this episode, host Chad Prevost and panelists Ellis Smith, John Kingston, and Tim Dooner discuss: 

  • Past misunderstandings about China 
  • Why do we fear China’s rise? 
  • Is India the next China? 
  • Should we be fortifying our Australian ally in the disputed South China Sea? 
  • The recent U.S. sale of $52B worth of arms to Taiwan. 
  • The continuing Hong Kong/China standoff. 
  • The decline in VC investment in China. 

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Tune in to more episodes of FreightWaves’ “Off The Supply Chain” here.