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Off the Supply Chain: Sustainability

GlobalTranz is proud to sponsor FreightWaves’ new online program, “Off The Supply Chain,” a show for shippers that focuses on the interconnectedness of the supply chain and which features commentary from three expert guests each week.  

In this episode, host Chad Prevost and panelists Michael Vincent, Seth Holm, and Zach Strickland discuss: 

  • Businesses, regulators, and consumers share responsibility in driving sustainable practices.  
  • Profitable and sustainable supply chains require the organization to state ROI’s and an action plan.  
  • What is the solution for the United States trash problem? 
  • Why is recycling so challenging to implement? 
  • Is climate change anxiety a big deal? 
  • Small changes, such as replacing plastic straws with paper straws, can save the environment.  
  • Will Mars, Incorporated’s deforestation plan influence other large companies to make sustainable changes to their supply chains? 

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