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Off the Supply Chain: The Great Recession Debate

GlobalTranz is proud to sponsor FreightWaves’ new online program, “Off The Supply Chain,” a show for shippers that focuses on the interconnectedness of the supply chain and which features commentary from three expert guests each week.  

In this episode, host Chad Prevost and panelists Anthony Smith, Zach Strickland, and JT Engstrom discuss:

  • Is there such a thing as a recession-proof business?
  • The best-performing companies are those that plan for a recession.
  • How did the small adjustment from the Federal Reserve affect our economy?
  • Factors such as truck values can be leading indicators to a recession.
  • The current state of market volatility is causing people to predict a 2020 downturn in our economy.
  • How does market optimism affect consumer spending?
  • Is the bond yield curve ‘code red’ indicating we are heading int a recession within the next two years?

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