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We’ve all read about the growth of online retail as shippers look towards the omnichannel delivery of products to customers in order to stay competitive. But the rate at which it continues to grow is interesting. Even in the last couple of years, the number of people shopping online has continued to rise. For example, even since 2014 online retail sales have seen good improvement. In 2014, they represented 5.9% of total retail sales, but in 2016 this increased to 7.4%. By 2018, online retail is expected to represent 8.8% of total retail sales furthering the case for shippers to adopt an omnichannel strategy.

Some countries do embrace e-commerce more than others but the majority of markets are growing. Americans love to shop online the most but with an ever-expanding middle class, e-commerce transactions all around the world continue to rise. There is also a rise in people purchasing items online with a smartphone and this has made online shopping even more convenient for people. They can sit on the couch and shop as they watch TV or when they’re on the go.

Check out this infographic and accompanying guide from 2flow for more information about the continued online growth of retail and use of omnichannel strategies. We hope that you find it interesting.

Omnichannel Focus: The Growth Of Online Retail 

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