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Proper packaging choices matter within the scope of in-process, shipping and storage, and under the best of circumstances should be considered early in the design of a product or part. In fact, I’ll be so bold as to state that packaging should always be considered at the genesis of each individual project, concurrently with the item being designed. Without proper packaging, waste will be greater.

In 1994, the European Council passed the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC), with the primary objective to simply reduce the volume of packaging waste. Going a step further, if all manufacturers were to use the best packaging possible to also reduce contamination during the manufacturing process, during shipping (especially overseas container shipment) AND during storage of parts or assembled goods, we could reduce waste NOT only of packaging, but of the goods being protected.

Our experience as the East Coast Dealer of Intercept Technology Packaging has shown time and again that Intercept is a better choice of barrier packaging protection.

Liberty in your faceIntercept Packaging is a Bell Labs’ invention by John Franey. At the time, John was a lead copper corrosion engineer for the Statue of Liberty restoration project and developed a uniform patina seeding transplantation process to be applied on Lady Liberty’s replaced copper panels. In just weeks, the new copper panels developed a magnificent natural patina green, which typically takes 30 years of natural aging to develop. By using a reversal process of this seeding, Intercept Technology™ Plastic Packaging was created.

For industrial applications, the most widely used type of Intercept Technology product is Static Intercept, which provides a corrosion barrier for all metals, electrostatic discharge protection (SI is in the perfect static dissipative range), is reusable and recyclable.

Here are some of the benefits of using Intercept Packaging:

  • Protect from corrosion, rust, mold, mildew
  • Allows safe shipment, anywhere
  • Safe storage
  • Reduce defects, field defects and service calls
  • Increase production runs for better efficiency
  • Reduce space and equipment requirements for packaging
  • Increase worker safety
  • Decrease time for packaging
  • Eliminate or reduce protective oils
  • Eliminate multiple packaging materials
  • Static Intercept packaging materials are recyclable
  • Intercept Technology Packaging Materials contain no volatiles

packaging-matters-Intercept-Packaging-Grid-ImagesIntercept is available in bags, rolls, shrouds, sheets, totes – stock and custom sizes. Laminating is available, as is cleanroom processing on Intercept Technology™, RIBS, and AT products.

There is a style of Intercept Packaging for most any application, from Intercept shrink film for large heavy equipment to Corrosion Intercept for archival use in museums and for precious collectible and other items.

Early research and planning for packaging choices can make your operation leaner and more efficient. This quick video “Do You Know What Corrosion is Costing You?” may help you envision how Intercept Technology Packaging can work for you.

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