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Listen to “The Value of True Partnerships In Freight Management” on Spreaker.

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s episode we welcome long-time Cerasis Account Executive Derek Haynes talks about his & Cerasis’ focus on developing lasting partnerships in freight management in order to help shippers achieve both short-term & long-term goals.

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What Do Partnerships In Freight Management Yield?

On the episode, you’ll hear Derek answer the following:

  • When Derek thinks of the customers that he has signed up with Cerasis as their transportation management partner, what does that core value of continuous improvement mean to him and then what has it meant to the success of those customers?
  • When we think of continuous improvement, if both parties in that partnership are after it, and agree on practicing continuous improvement, what ultimately drives the undertaking of a shipper to seek out partnerships in freight management?
  • Derek has had some customers recently who ultimately didn’t pull the trigger in developing partnerships in freight management and did not move forward with Cerasis. However, after 5-10 years of either going with another company or managing freight in house the shipper did ultimately pursue a partnership with Cerasis. Why didn’t the shippers sign up then and what was it that convinced them come on board and pursue a partnership?
  • It’s not always easy to see the long-term results that can pay off big time with partnerships in freight management, so what does Derek say to those shippers who are looking for a partner, but maybe need some quick wins? How does Derek combat that objective? Are shippers thinking less short-term and more long-term, thus making partnering with a 3PL like Cerasis more attractive?
  • What results are shippers who establish partnerships in freight management with a company like Cerasis seeing and what would shippers tout as successes of partnering with Cerasis?
  • It’s been a softer year for 2019 than 2018, but undoubtedly shippers aren’t waiting around to get stung and are getting more proactive in establishing partnerships in freight management…what is Derek’s perspective for the next few years for shippers in regards to freight management?

We hope you enjoy this episode of the freight project podcast.