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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s “The Freight Project” podcast we host Adam Robinson’s guest appearance on MarketScale’s Transportation Podcast.

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The Importance of Data Driven Shipping to Gain “Shipper of Choice” Status

No matter how impressive the technological advancements are, things still need to get from point A to point B; traditional physical transportation of products isn’t going anywhere. The way those shipping procedures are managed, however, is changing immensely.

2019 will feel the effect of a lot of these procedural changes; a driver shortage and increased economy have created a capacity crunch which in turn is increasing prices. Add on to that that e-commerce is forcing shippers to understand how they ship, and you get an industry searching for how to effectively deliver to customers and meet the new delivery expectations, in part thanks to Amazon, all while keeping costs down.

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • Why the #1 thing shippers can do to gain “Shipper of Choice” status is to implement a Transportation Management System or TMS.
  • How using data-driven shipping practices allow shippers to reduce costs as well as increase service levels.
  • The continued impact of Amazon on the customer experience and how shippers that are not using data-driven shipping practices are in danger of losing customers.
  • The vital need to integrate existing and new supply chain technology systems to the shippers’ TMS to fully utilize data-driven shipping to increase overall visibility into transportation moves.

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Freight project podcast!

Listen to “Data Driven Shipping is How Shippers Gain “Shipper of Choice” Status” on Spreaker.

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