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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s episode Cerasis welcomes Greg Ahnert CEO of one of our parcel management shipping technology partners, Lamprey Systems, a solutions company who offers parcel and freight invoice auditing services to aid shippers in recovering lost money on shipments.

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Shipment Optimization Happens When Technology Can Make You Strategic

In this episode Greg and Cerasis’ Marketing Manager & “The Freight Project Podcast” host, Adam Robinson, discuss Greg’s background and entrepreneurial spirit and how his first company in the food & beverage sector lead to him seeing problems of shippers in relation to invoice auditing when shippers used FedEx and UPS. But the central point of today’s podcast episode is: Shipment Optimization.

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • Greg’s definition of what Shipment Optimization means so we are all on the same page.
  • The current challenges or issues shippers are facing in their quest for shipment optimization.
  • What are the considerations or solutions that shippers should take into account when looking at solving problems as it relates to shipment optimization.
  • What are the benefits enjoyed by shippers who achieve better shipment optimization.

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Freight project podcast!

Listen to “Shipment Optimization_The Challenges, Benefits, and Technology Solutions” on Spreaker.

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