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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s “The Freight Project” Podcast episode Cerasis welcomes Eric Workman, the Cerasis Customer Service Manager. Eric oversees our auditing & billing department as well as our freight damage claims department. Both services help streamline shippers’ internal processes by saving them time and money by not having to dedicate resources to do either of these functions.

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Shippers & 3PLs Must Focus on Customer Service to Reduce Freight Costs

In this episode Eric Workman and Cerasis’ Marketing Manager & “The Freight Project Podcast” host, Adam Robinson, will discuss various ways that Shippers & 3PLs can better focus on customer service by handling the shipping exception process that occur around incorrect invoices and the unfortunate reality of freight damage & loss claims.

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • The Value of auditing freight invoices to ensure you’re charging your customer accurately for shipping costs
  • Why a focus on customer service is vital for shippers, especially as capacity is tight, rates are increasing, and there are many distractions in shipping that take away from customer service
  • Tips shippers can take to mitigate freight damage or loss issues so customer’s get freight on time & damage free
  • Why it seems to take so long for carriers to process freight damage claims.

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Freight project podcast!

Listen to “Why Shippers & 3PLs who Focus on Customer Service Reduce Freight Costs” on Spreaker.

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