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[PODCAST] Why Transportation Management Data Has Carriers & Shippers Forging Collaborative Relationships to Beat the Capacity Crunch

Transportation Management Data

Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s Podcast episode Cerasis welcomes Kevin Hill, CEO & Founder of CarrierLists, a company specifically designed to make it easy for shippers to find the carriers they need by cutting carrier search time in half by calling recently vetted carriers based on shippers needs.

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The Role of Transportation Management Data for Improved Carrier Relations

In this episode Kevin and Cerasis’ Marketing Manager & “The Freight Project Podcast” host, Adam Robinson discuss how transportation management data aids shippers & carriers to forge fact-based, transparent partnerships to aid in beating a capacity crunch.

Both shippers and carriers have historically used capacity swings in their favor to gouge the other. The major problem with this is that the pendulum always swings back to the other extreme.

With the amount of transportation management data each has access to now, along the coming tsunami of data that will be hitting the market over the next few years both shippers and carriers realize transparency is good. It will smooth out the volatility that causes each to get the short end of the stick at any given time.

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • How the access to more data in transportation management is allowing carriers & shippers to have fact-based conversation that are resulting in improved relationships and thusly more efficient shipping, profitability, and access to available capacity.
  • The the importance for shippers to have a targeted, vetted carrier database so that shippers are not relying on a single carrier or a few carriers which can lead to increased costs & capacity problems.
  • What transportation management data has meant for the transportation management sector and how data can improve outcomes if you choose to analyze the data you can extract from shipping processes.

We hope you enjoy this very first episode of The Freight project podcast!

Listen to “Why Transportation Management Data Has Carriers & Shippers Forging Collaborative Relationships to Beat the Capacity Crunch” on Spreaker.

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