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Cerasis is excited to announce & welcome listeners to the launch of the “The Freight Project Podcast!” The podcast will bring expert voices from around the world in supply chain, logistics, transportation and freight to give you unique insights into what it takes to effectively optimize your supply chain so that you may reduce costs and increase efficiency.

You’ll hear from experts here at Cerasis but also experts in the fields of transportation technology, warehouse management, yard management, supply chain technology, carriers, shippers, and more!

You can subscribe and find this podcast on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and iHeartRadio!

We’ll publish every Tuesday right on the Cerasis blog and Freight Institute. We hope you enjoy!

The Freight Project Podcast – Episode 1 – Steve Ludvigson – Why Execs Should Focus on Total Landed Costs of Transportation

In this 1st episode of the Freight Project Podcast, Adam Robinson, host of the podcast, and Marketing Manager at Cerasis, has a conversation with Cerasis President & Co-Founder, Steve Ludvigson, whom we lovingly call “Lud” here at Cerasis since 2 out of the three of our founders are named Steve!

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • How Mr. Ludvigson got started in the industry & why he and his founders saw a need for a web-based Transportation Management System to aid shippers in transportation management
  • What Lud thinks will impact shippers most over the next few years
  • How shippers can thrive & survive in this current capacity crunch
  • Lud’s thoughts on blockchain technology in freight & logistics, and,
  • Ultimately, why it’s vital for the C-suite to start to more intimately understand total cost of ownership and landed costs of transportation in order to create a more profitable business.

We hope you enjoy this very first episode of The Freight project podcast!

Listen to “Why Executives Need to Understand Total Landed Costs of Transportation” on Spreaker.