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Today we kick off our annual series during the first week of July, coinciding with Independence Day on July 4th to highlight the most popular supply chain blog posts published on the Cerasis blog in 2019.

The most popular supply chain blog posts are measured by page views and we will list them in the order of most viewed to the tenth most viewed.

The 10 Most Popular Supply Chain Blog Posts of the First Half of 2019

Today we share the most popular supply chain blog posts and we will feature the following this week:

We hope you enjoy this annual wrap up of our top 10 most popular supply chain blogs. Here they are without any further ado!

Supply Chain Transparency

Why Supply Chain Transparency Results in Big Business Benefits

Learn how technologies like RFID, Cameras in factories, Consumer portals, and, yes, even government regulation are improving supply chain transparency yielding big benefits for businesses in our most recent blog post from Megan Ray Nichols.

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Read More 2019 Logistics Trends

The Top 2019 Logistics Trends Shippers Should Know

Unfortunately, companies that fail to stay in line with the top 2019 logistics trends could face uncertainty and lost competitive advantage, so let’s look at some of the top trends shippers should know to stay successful.

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Read More Cut Costs in the Warehouse

5 Ways to Improve Workflow & Cut Costs in the Warehouse

Warehouse managers are experiencing more pressure than ever to control and cut costs in the warehouse and accurately fill orders to stay competitive. Booming e-commerce and consumer demand call for faster production, which creates more opportunities for hazards and costly inefficiencies. Increasing productivity and cutting unnecessary costs in the warehouse are a top priority.

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Read More Warehouse Safety 5 steps

Warehouse Safety: 5 Steps You Need To Take

Warehouse businesses thrive where there is orderliness. They also do well when employees are safe. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in a matter of seconds leading to injuries and even fatalities. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there is an average of 16 fatalities yearly in the warehousing and storage industry and an injury and illness rate of 5 out of every 100 staff.

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Read More walmart effect

The Amazon Effect is the New Walmart Effect

In 1994, founder Jeff Bezos read a statistic that the Internet had been growing at 2300 percent annually. He fashioned that changing tide into a business plan that has been breaking barriers across supply chain and e-commerce that has left an indelible mark. But, is Amazon worried about the new “Walmart effect?”


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Read More NEMF Bankruptcy

What Shippers Can Learn From the NEMF Bankruptcy

NEMF could not fulfill its obligations, resulting from banks’ refusal to extend credit to the 101-year-old LTL carrier. The filing will have significant implications for carriers and shippers seeking to escape the NEMF bankruptcy maelstrom. In my analytics-driven mind, I see several critical issues in the filing that shippers and carriers need to consider in redeveloping shipping strategies in a post-NEMF era.


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Read More Distribution Center Automation

21st Century Warehouse: How to Keep Up with Distribution Center Automation and Digitization

Fast forward to today’s retail DC and you’ll likely see significant differences fueled by the rise of e-commerce, omnichannel fulfillment and the growing trend towards buying fresh food online. The imperative now is speed and accuracy in an extremely competitive retail environment.

Failure to meet rapidly rising customer expectations in this context will mean failure. Period.

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Read More Growth of 3PL

Trends Driving Growth of 3PL in 2019

The 3PL market will increase significantly throughout 2019, contributing to a total valuation of approximately $1.5 trillion by 2025. The astonishing growth is attributable to the expansion of e-commerce, the emergence of new markets in Asia and Europe, changes in ocean container shipping, the development of new technology and more. Shippers need to understand the growth of 3PL services and how they will affect operations and cost-effectiveness


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Read More 2D Barcodes in Warehouse Management

2D Barcodes in Warehouse Management: Why Aren’t We All Using Them?

First-generation barcodes (1D barcodes) gave supply chain managers the ability to track stock keeping units (SKUs) and shipment information. Unfortunately, the use of 1D barcodes in warehouse management has grown somewhat inefficient in the modern age, especially considering the rise of e-commerce. Supply chain managers need to understand the value of 2D barcodes in warehouse management and how they can be leveraged to increase productivity.

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Read More Trends in Parcel Shipping for 2019

Top Trends in Parcel Shipping for 2019

The U.S. parcel market is the largest sector of the logistics industry. In 2017, the U.S. parcel market was worth $84 billion and 12.7 billion shipments and the vast majority of those shipments weighed less than 5 pounds.. With the rise of e-commerce, demand for parcel has skyrocketed, and shippers are struggling to secure available capacity and affordable rates. Shippers need to understand the top trends in parcel shipping for 2019 to develop their logistics strategies and maintain control over logistics spend.

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