Eric Simon, an authorized agent of GlobalTranz, shares his experience from attending the GlobalTranz Annual Freight Agent Conference.

“I have been attending the annual GlobalTranz Agent Conference since 2010, and I encourage all GlobalTranz agents that are serious about growing their business to attend and participate. 

As an agent running your business, it’s hard to find the time to step back, get some perspective, and assess what is and is not working in your business today. Attending the GlobalTranz Agent Conference affords you that opportunity to work “on your business”, by providing you with the latest on industry trends, best practices from agents nationwide, inspiring ideas from insightful speakers & colleagues, and of course, the latest info on how GlobalTranz can support your business.  

I have been known to say that GlobalTranz is not Subway- that is, they don’t teach you how to make the sandwiches! However; what GlobalTranz does provide is the knowledge, tools, and resources that enable agents the opportunity to make the best sandwiches they can. The GlobalTranz Agent Conference is where a lot of that knowledge will be imparted. 

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate team at GlobalTranz corporate to provide a forum for enhancing our businesses.  The annual conference focuses on building a culture of collaboration, innovation and teamwork with each agency to achieve our collective success. 

If you’re still not convinced, remember that the GlobalTranz IT team will be sharing key information about the new GTZconnect platform. You don’t want to miss that!”

Eric Simon 

President, COO 

Integrated Freight Logistics, Inc. 

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The 2018 economic surge has pushed freight demand past available capacity, impacting shippers’ budgets with rising transportation costs across all modes. Many analysts anticipate bullish freight markets through 2020, which has shippers looking for new ways to manage costs, secure capacity and drive efficiencies.

With RFP season upon us, here are 10 tips for shippers to consider when planning transportation budgets and sourcing logistics partners.

1. Consolidate shipments to increase volume: Consolidating shipments decreases overall costs by increasing volume and efficiency. It also helps avoid loading dock congestion and can result in fewer accessorial charges.

2. Leverage locations and condense length of haul: Shippers can save time and money by strategically using distribution centers and condensing length of haul based on the location of customers. Using a nationwide network of warehouses to shorten line hauls will also help decrease the cost of transporting products to final destinations.

3. Understand paper rates vs. truck rates: Sometimes what looks straightforward on paper, like line-haul distance, doesn’t reveal additional details that could affect a bid, such as pickup or delivery appointments and loading dock hours of operation. A simple 100-mile haul on paper could take two days if the consignee cannot accept a shipment that arrives after 4 p.m., which would increase the cost. Make sure to provide enough background information, so you receive accurate pricing.

4. Become a shipper of choice: Today’s capacity constrained environment, with more freight than available trucks, has carriers and drivers in a position to choose which shippers and loads are the most lucrative for their business. Shippers who provide better experiences for carriers can reap long-term benefits in the form of higher service levels, fewer claims and better rates. To be a shipper of choice, run efficient and friendly dock operations, reduce driver wait times, provide comfortable breakroom and restroom accommodations and pay carriers quickly and accurately.

5. Contract consistent freight volume: With consistent volume on repetitive lanes, 3PLs like GlobalTranz can secure and negotiate contractual capacity, while leveraging their network to cover backhauls for those loads. As a result, service levels and on-time performance will improve.

6. Drop trailers for high volume: With the ELD mandate and HOS rules, carriers have become more conscious of loading and unloading time. Drop trailer programs create flexibility for shippers to load trailers at their own convenience, reduce the cycle time for loading and unloading, and provide ample planning for carriers to align power units and drivers’ hours of service. All of this helps keep freight costs down and mitigate capacity challenges during dynamic freight markets.

7. Leverage data: Data is becoming a company’s most valuable asset. Many businesses have access to a lot of data, but lack the tools to make decisions from it. In logistics, cost savings and efficiency improvements are tied to a company’s ability to leverage their data and make actionable decisions. Tech-enabled 3PLs like GlobalTranz have advanced analytics capabilities to develop custom transportation programs and solutions during an RFP process, using shipper data to identify optimization opportunities for overall cost savings.

8. Communicate objectives and important KPIs: Service quality is as important as price, so be sure to communicate key performance indicators (KPIs) with potential service providers. Quality logistics service providers will hold themselves accountable and benchmark for continuous improvement to ensure they’re helping make an impact on your business. On-time pickup, on-time delivery and tender acceptance or rejection percentages are a few examples of important KPIs.

9. Plan and budget for high-demand periods of the year: Look ahead and remember there will be times during the year where higher-demand for capacity could impact your costs. Produce, harvest and holiday seasons place a higher demand on the nation’s trucks, which in turn could increase rates.

10. Establish strategic partnerships: Instead of focusing on price and commodity-based services, look for ways logistics service providers can be consultative and bring value-added operations to your business. A strategic partner is constantly looking for opportunities to save your company overall costs. The most effective partnerships evolve when you integrate your firm’s ERP and supply chain systems with a TMS to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Growing complexity in the supply chain demands innovative and consultative approaches to logistics management. To learn more about selecting the right logistics partner, call 866.275.1407 to speak with an expert or Contact Us.

There has never been a better time to be in the freight business. When you combine a growing economy with increasing demands for businesses to save time, reduce costs, and improve service, you have a market that’s ripe with opportunity. GlobalTranz’s Freight Agent Program will help you seize this opportunity by providing you with a full suite of logistics solutions, world-class logistics technology and the dedicated operational back-office support to help you establish and build your own independent freight agent business.

Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the freight industry or thinking about starting your own agency, we invite you to be our guest at our upcoming Annual Freight Agent Conference. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn about GlobalTranz, network with existing agents, and discover how to position yourself for a successful future in freight. Whether your goals are revenue growth, increased profitability, learning new sales techniques, or how to find the right partner to enter into the freight market, this conference will provide you with tremendous value.

Below are 10 takeaways that attendees have come to expect from GlobalTranz’s annual conference:

Our Annual Freight Agent Conference brings together the GlobalTranz community to collaborate, network and learn about news and innovative ways to achieve goals.

Get up-to-date industry data and insights, while learning about current and emerging trends in logistics and technology that you can use to guide your business.

Learn new skills to deepen your relationship with clients and carriers, driving greater results for your agency or business.

Meet and exchange ideas and insights with hundreds of like-minded logistics professionals.

Meet the GlobalTranz professionals that support your business every day and learn about forthcoming technology innovations, service offerings, and process improvements.

Our speakers and presenters will inspire you with their passion to make a long-term positive impact.

Connect with GlobalTranz’s carriers to learn about service opportunities and business synergies.

With a content-rich conference set in beautiful (and warm!) Phoenix, Arizona, you will access knowledge and expertise that’s worth its weight in gold.

Share the knowledge and ideas from this conference with your organization and get set to grow your earnings potential.

What would a conference be without an awards dinner? Join us to celebrate your success!

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If you are not a GlobalTranz Logistics Independent Freight Agent but are interested in the program, call 480-339-5804 or email us at strategicsourcing@globaltranz.com for more information.


GlobalTranz Honored at ACE Awards, Ranked 6th Largest Private Company, 7th Fastest Growing Company 
ACE Awards marks seventh consecutive year GlobalTranz has been shortlisted

PHOENIX (November 19, 2018)— (BUSINESS WIRE) GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven third-party logistics (3PL) solutions provider, today announced it was the recipient of two ACE awards and was ranked 6th Largest Private Company and 7th Fastest Growing Company by the Phoenix Business Journal at the 2018 Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards on November 15, 2018. This honor marks the seventh consecutive year GlobalTranz has been recognized.

Following an exceptional third quarter, GlobalTranz continues to outpace many of its competitors in customer expansion, financial growth and advanced technology leadership. The company demonstrated its ongoing strategy to not only grow organically but also through acquisitions, most recently acquiring Chicago-based AFN Logistics.

Each year the Phoenix Business Journal compiles the Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards, which honor the largest private companies as well as the state’s fastest-growing private businesses. The rankings for the fastest-growing companies are based on a revenue score that includes a measurement of revenue growth over a two-year period. Now in its 24th year, the goal of the ACE Awards is to develop an increasing sense of knowledge sharing and community among private companies — as they honor the Top 50 and Fastest-Growing 25 private companies in Arizona.

Delivering consistent growth since its inception in 2003, GlobalTranz recently announced its 2018 Q3 earnings, reporting record revenues from organic and strategic growth. The company is on track to generate over $1.6 billion in revenue in 2018.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal ACE Awards for our continuing commitment to the fast-growing technology and transportation sectors in Arizona,” said Bob Farrell, chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz. “GlobalTranz is helping define the future of freight and continues to create career opportunities throughout Arizona. As a growing technology and logistics solutions company, our people remain the heart of our organization and culture. We look forward to expanding our active involvement in the Arizona business community.”
Ranked the 10th largest freight brokerage in the US by Transport Topics and voted an Inbound LogisticsTop 10 3PL for 2018, GlobalTranz is driving strong growth with 25,000+ customers through technology innovation, a network of 34,000+ carriers, transformative M&A, creative products and superior customer service delivered by the best people in the industry.
For more information, visit www.globaltranz.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @globaltranz.

 About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology and solutions company providing award-winning cloud-based multi-modal Transportation Management System (TMS) products to shippers, carriers, 3PLs and brokers. GlobalTranz is leading the logistics products and services market with innovative software that optimizes the efficiency of freight movement and matches shipper demand and carrier capacity in real-time. Leveraging its extensive independent agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. In 2018, Transport Topics named GlobalTranz a Top 10 largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S.


Annie Graupner

Transportation leaders today are faced with increasing buyer delivery demands, capacity challenges, government regulations, fluctuating rate markets and the overall digitization of supply chains. At the same time, they are pressured with managing day-to-day transportation processes, usually without specialized staff or an adequate number of internal resources, while trying to control or reduce transportation costs.

Many transportation leaders utilize freight brokers and logistics service providers to help them manage their transportation operations and access a network of providers. But transportation managers are increasingly hungry to take their logistics operations to the next level. They are looking for more consultative partnerships rather than transactional relationships in search of additional value-add. They’re looking for solutions that consider the unique nuances of their business, products and customers; solutions that drive efficiency and control costs, especially in today’s dynamic logistics market.

That’s where managed transportation services come into play.

Transactional Services vs. Managed Transportation Services

At a high level, managed transportation services include the outsourcing of all or part of a company’s internal logistics operations throughout the order-to-cash lifecycle. The typical asset-based or transactional-based logistics services provider relationship consists of a planner at the shipper telling the provider the mode, lane, and details about the shipment in search of cost or service fulfillment, then the provider executes that shipment.

In a managed transportation arrangement, the shipper’s planners are employed by the logistics services provider, who receives a feed or download of shipments from a shipper’s enterprise systems, performs all planning – rating, sourcing, consolidation, optimization, etc. – and then executes the loads.

Managed transportation service utilizes a consultative approach beginning with an in-depth discovery process and needs analysis to identify client business goals and define success measurement benchmarks. Based on a company’s specific supply chain needs, a customized transportation roadmap and design is developed, then executed by the logistics services provider. All operations – from rate negotiation to freight payment and auditing are outsourced to the logistics provider.

From the technology perspective, the foundation of a successfully managed transportation relationship is the integration of all applicable business systems based on client requirements, including ERP, WMS, order management and more. The higher the level of integration, the greater the opportunity for a logistics service provider to reduce a company’s manual efforts and increase their efficiency.

Managed transportation technology services include the combination of a leading edge TMS and business analytics to provide client stakeholders with a pulse on their business (i.e. KPI’s, self-service and custom reporting, heat maps, etc.). Additional optimization tools for network analysis and design are used to look at Macro level supply chain opportunities.

Managed transportation is truly an integration of people, processes and technology dedicated to shippers’ specific supply chain needs.

Consultative Relationship

With managed transportation services, a team of consultants will get to know your business from all aspects. They configure solutions to reflect your growth path or specific needs.

When one of the largest telecom providers asked GlobalTranz to help them transform their logistics function from a decentralized model to a centralized model, we helped them understand the current state of their supply chain and developed a customized multi-year roadmap toward a centralized function.

A true consultative managed transportation partner won’t pull a solution off the shelf or stuff your business into a box. They’ll develop custom solutions based on the maturity of your company’s supply chain function, freight spend, headcount, volumes, business goals and other considerations specific to your business. It’s truly a mutually beneficial partnership.

Look Beyond Rates

Given the tight capacity and rising rates in today’s market, it’s no wonder that shippers are looking for any way to drive down costs. Shippers are starting to realize they can’t buy transportation based on rates alone. Managed transportation services help drive efficiencies and best practices into supply chains to reduce costs over the long term.

Managed Transportation Services combined with advanced TMS technology help shippers make their logistics operations a competitive advantage. Shippers can utilize managed transportation partners for strategic planning, such as determining if their hub and spoke distribution model works, the most efficient location for a new distribution facility or where to source products based on total landed cost.

Do You Need Managed Transportation?

Growing complexity in the supply chain demands innovative and consultative approaches to logistics management. If you are a transportation leader looking to drive cost savings, efficiency and visibility, focus on your core competencies rather than logistics operations, and leverage logistics as a competitive advantage, it’s time to consider managed transportation services.

Learn how Managed Transportation services can drive overall cost savings and efficiency into your supply chain. Request a logistics and freight needs analysis: Call 855-444-6608 orContact Us.

GlobalTranz Executives Share Technology Trends and Future of Freight Insights at November Conferences
CEO Bob Farrell to Speak at MarketWaves18, CTO Greg Carter at ThoughtSpot Beyond 2018

PHOENIX (November 8, 2018) — GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven third-party logistics (3PL) solutions provider, today announces two speaking engagements for CEO Bob Farrell and CTO Greg Carter.

Following an exceptional third quarter where GlobalTranz continued to outpace many of its competitors in customer expansion, financial growth, and advanced technology leadership, CEO Bob Farrell will share valuable insights at MarketWaves18 on November 12th in Grapevine, Texas, on the much anticipated “From Startup to Market Leader” panel. Farrell will provide attendees with learnings about how GlobalTranz has helped transform the transportation and logistics industry with its end-to-end logistics technology and sophisticated transportation solutions. He will discuss the company’s successful mergers and acquisitions strategy alongside organic expansion of new and existing customers, as well as provide insight into current and forward-looking industry and technology trends impacting the freight market.

“MarketWaves18 provides the opportunity for logistics professionals, thought leaders and technology visionaries to come together to share insights on how market developments and technology trends are paving the future of freight,” said Bob Farrell, chairman and CEO. “I’m looking forward to an interactive dialog on best practices for bringing disruptive technologies to market and scaling a company from startup to a mature and growing business.”

Farrell joined GlobalTranz in March of 2016. He has a track record of driving revenue and profit growth by creating competitive and operational advantages. Since taking on the role of chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz, Farrell has driven the advancement of the company’s multi-modal, multi-platform transportation management system and has led the company through seven acquisitions, most recently acquiring Chicago-based AFN Logistics.

CTO Greg Carter will also speak later this month at ThoughtSpot Beyond 2018 on November 15th in Washington D.C. Carter will bring his more than 25 years of product development and technology leadership to conference attendees in a panel titled, “CXO Perspective: Reaping the Rewards of Digital Transformation.” This panel will discuss how companies in any industry can reap the rewards of their technology investments to truly transform for the digital economy.

“GlobalTranz was an early proponent of leveraging advanced analytics technology to help businesses maximize logistics performance and drive competitive and operative advantages,” said Greg Carter, CTO. “I look forward to discussing analytics trends with other technology leaders and how businesses can capitalize on their most important asset: data.”

Ranked the 10th largest freight brokerage in the US by Transport Topics and voted an Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL for 2018, GlobalTranz is driving strong growth with 25,000+ customers through technology innovation, a network of 34,000+ carriers, transformative M&A, creative products and superior customer service delivered by the best people in the industry.

For more information, visit www.globaltranz.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @globaltranz.

About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology and solutions company providing award-winning cloud-based multi-modal Transportation Management System (TMS) products to shippers, carriers, 3PLs and brokers. GlobalTranz is leading the logistics products and services market with innovative software that optimizes the efficiency of freight movement and matches shipper demand and carrier capacity in real-time. Leveraging its extensive independent agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. In 2018, Transport Topics named GlobalTranz a Top 10 largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S.


Annie Graupner

The logistics and supply chain industry is complex. GlobalTranz is committed to helping businesses and logistics professionals stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on the market and logistics best practices. Every month, we’re sharing trends and news impacting the logistics and supply chain industry. Here are some of the top headlines from October.

Logistics Industry News


UPS Warns Shippers to Brace For Possible Freight Strike
UPS Freight workers rejected a tentative contract last month and are voting on an updated offer from the company November 9-11. A contract extension expires on Nov. 12, after which the 11,000 Teamsters members could go on strike.
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US Truckload Shippers Prep for 2019 Rate Increases
Many analysts predict bullish freight markets through 2020. US truckload shippers that faced rising transportation rates in 2018 are preparing for another round — albeit a lighter one — of price increases in 2019. Many are reaching out to logistics providers about new and better solutions to secure capacity.
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Transportation & Freight Markets


Driver Shortage Again Ranks No. 1 Industry Issue, HOS Ranks No. 2
For the second straight year, the trucking industry‘s top concern is a shortage of qualified truck drivers, according to the annual Top Industry Issues Report from the American Transportation Research Institute. Hours of service ranked second on the list, retaining its footing as one of the top issues for the trucking industry in seven out of the past eight years.
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US Freight Rates Hitting Peaks Before Deceleration
US truck and intermodal rail volumes increased in 2018 and are near their peak levels of the year. Analysts reported that trade policy uncertainties involving US imports from China and NAFTA partners have front-loaded shipments into the US, which has created a noticeable increase in freight volumes for 2018.
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Economy & Supply Chain


Consumer Confidence Hits 18-year High in October
According to CNBC, U.S. consumer confidence rose to an 18-year high in October, driven largely a robust labor market, suggesting strong economic growth could persist in the near term.
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Retailers Prepare for Make-Or-Break Holiday Peak Season

Retailers are optimistic about a busy holiday season. As we head into the make-or-break holiday peak shopping season, CBRE Group, Inc is reporting many companies will try to cap off a strong year by doubling down on strategies to draw online shoppers into stores.
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Technology & Innovation


How Cutting-Edge Technologies are Impacting the Future of Logistics
In a 25-minute conversation with SiriusXM Business Radio, GlobalTranz CEO Bob Farrell shares how cutting-edge technologies and the ever-increasing sophistication of supply chains are profoundly influencing the future of logistics.
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Shippers Turn to Technology for Sharper Supply Chain Visibility

Not long ago, supply chain visibility meant knowing where a shipment was a few hours ago. Now, with increased customer delivery demands and volatile freight markets, shippers are looking for real-time “dots on a map” updates, predictive ETAs and a holistic approach to visibility enabling them to make business decisions based on aggregated shipment data.
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Regulation, Safety & Labor


ELD Impact Ten Months In
In March, 2018, one month prior to the ELD go-live, trucking companies were surveyed about their predictions on how ELDs will impact the freight industry. Ten months after the ELD Mandate went live, those companies were resurveyed to see how markets and perceptions have adjusted.
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Regulatory Roundup: State of Trucking 2018
These are the top legislative, regulatory, administrative, and enforcement topics impacting the trucking industry at large.
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PHOENIX – November 2, 2018 – (BUSINESS WIRE– GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, today announced its General Counsel Jeff Simmons has been named a finalist for General Counsel of the Year by the Phoenix Business Journal C-Suite Awards.

The Phoenix Business Journal C-Suite Awards recognizes Phoenix’s top executives for their contribution and commitment to the community and their outstanding professional performance. Winners were announced at the second Annual C- Suite Awards Luncheon on Thursday, November 1st at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch.

Simmons was recognized for his leadership in all aspects of the company’s legal matters, including corporate, M&A, regulatory, licensing, intellectual property, litigation, and capital matters. His work is pivotal to GlobalTranz’s expansion efforts and strategic acquisitions, which has contributed to the company’s record revenue and profitability growth.

“I am incredibly honored to be recognized for this award,” said Simmons, General Counsel at GlobalTranz. “The contributions of both my team, as well as GlobalTranz’s leadership team have been vital to the business’ success and I am proud to work beside these talented individuals.”

The leadership by Simmons has been integral in GlobalTranz’s seven strategic acquisitions since 2017, including  Chicago-based AFN Logistics, Greensboro-based SynchOne, LLC, Dallas-based AJR Transportation, Utah-based Apex Logistics, Richmond-based Worthington Logistics, Minneapolis-based Logistics Planning Services and Milwaukee-based  Global Freight Source.

Simmons brings 26 years of experience in the transportation industry representing motor, rail, ocean and air carriers as well as brokers, before courts, regulatory agencies and in-contract negotiations.

In addition to being named the 2018 General Counsel of the Year by Phoenix Business Journal, Simmons received the prestigious 2017 First Chair Award for Top General Counsel, has been named in the 2011 through 2016 editions of the Best Lawyers in America®, and in the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Southwest Super Lawyers® in the area of Transportation/Maritime Law. In 2014, he received the Transportation Lawyers Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology and solutions company providing award-winning cloud-based multi-modal Transportation Management System (TMS) products to shippers, carriers, 3PLs and brokers. GlobalTranz is leading the logistics software and services market with innovative products that optimize the efficiency of freight movement and match shipper demand and carrier capacity in real-time. Leveraging its extensive independent agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. In 2018, Transport Topics named GlobalTranz a Top 10 largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S.


Annie Graupner

GlobalTranz CEO Bob Farrell Interviewed by SiriusXM Business Radio

In a 25-minute interview with SiriusXM Business Radio, GlobalTranz CEO Bob Farrell shares how cutting-edge technologies and the ever-increasing sophistication of supply chains are profoundly influencing the future of logistics. On the program “Work of Tomorrow,” radio host Christian Terwiesch explores industry and technology trends with GlobalTranz’s CEO.

Listen and learn more about what’s influencing the evolution of logistics in 2018 and beyond:

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About SiriusXM Business Radio

SiriusXM Business Radio powered by the Wharton School is an exclusive 24/7 channel featuring easily accessible information on a wide range of business topics. Business Radio airs on SiriusXM Channel 132, available through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at siriusxm.com.