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Preparing Your Supply Chain for Updated OTIF Requirements

“Walmart’s executive vice president of supply chain admits the retailer’s new on-time, in-full requirement is ‘onerous’ for some, but it’s ultimately a win for Walmart and suppliers”

Rachal (Snider) Jordan, GlobalTranz’s VP Customer Supply Chain, shared her thoughts with Business Insider regarding Walmart’s recent announcement that it is tightening its OTIF (On-Time/In-Full) requirements for suppliers: 

“Everyone is becoming increasingly more stringent in terms of ensuring their vendors meet their expectations from a fulfillment perspective,” Jordan told Business Insider. 

“The reality is that that will be the expectation industry-wide, whether its Walmart, Kroger, Target, or Meijer,” she added. “Instead of setting up your supply chain just to meet Walmart, you should set up your supply chain to make sure you’re active and lean and can serve every retailer.” 

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