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Editor’s Note: This is a quick primer on the things small to medium size manufacturing companies can follow to promote their business. We’ve learned a few things along the way ourselves about promoting Cerasis. We knew that it was going to aid us to match our marketing with the way we service and sell to our potential and current customers: through education. This starts with creating an online presence, building a community through social media channels and email marketing, and keeping search engine optimization top of mind. We are proud to be a leader in our space in this area. We write content for manufacturers and those around the supply chain industry in logistics, transportation, and more. We hope this short little post gives you a few ideas. 

Manufacturing: With Running a Manufacturing Business…….There is A Lot to Focus On

We know first hand in working for nearly 2 decades with some of our manufacturing companies for transportation management, that when it comes to non-core functions, such as logistics and transportation management and other business segments like marketing, it’s tough for a manufacturing to find the right in-house expertise. Often, these non-core functions are outsourced to a trusted partner. Whatever you decide to, it’s vital you have an understanding of some of the best ways to support your business. Often, in today’s increasingly complex marketing world and competitive marketplace, you must get outside your comfort zone and look to further your reach.

For manufacturers, it is never a good idea to stay in the single-customer mindset. Nothing lasts forever, and even your best customer can disappear when bad times come along. You need to be prepared, and that means you need to promote your business.

Promoting your manufacturing business is something you should be doing constantly. These days, there are a number of simple and effective techniques that you can use to get results. Here are some modern methods you can use starting right now.

Create a Strong Online Presence

You probably already have a website, but the likelihood is that it is no more than an online brochure. How long has it been since you gave your site a major overhaul?

When your customers are looking for manufacturers like you, they go to the search engines, just like they do for anything else. You want to make sure yours is the first website they come across—if your competitors’ sites show up instead, they will have the advantage over you.

It all starts with a modern website full of valuable content. Start a blog, provide information and tips about your products, create content that is genuinely useful, and you will be well on your way to creating a stronger web presence.

Work On Your SEO

Sorting out you website is the first stage, but next you will need to attract people to it. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of getting your website to appear higher in the search engines. There are many techniques that you can use for this, including creating content and sharing it online, building links to your website, and more. You may want to hire the services of a specialist to help you get started.

Launch Your Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence can help your SEO because the two are interlinked. But it can also help in other ways.

Being active on social media can improve your visibility and encourage people to contact you. It may seem like something more suited to B2C companies, but B2B companies are now embracing it too. Smaller manufacturers actually have the most to gain from social media because a lot of their business comes through word-of-mouth—and that is exactly what social media provides. (As a bonus, check out our pre-curated list of Manufacturing Companies and Influencers on Twitter as well as our Curated Group of the Best Manufacturing LinkedIn Groups to join.)

Come up with a strategy and find out which channels your audience uses, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Again, you could hire a specialist social media consultant to help you get started and learn the basics.

Explore Opportunities Abroad

You could also look into expanding into new markets overseas. You do not have to be a large multinational to do this, and it starts by carrying out careful research of potential new territories. This will help you to avoid depending only on the American market, and it could be an excellent way to grow your business.

Take your time and research the opportunities in detail before making any decisions. Also find out about the details involved such as the shipping information, taxes, containers, and regulations, and find out about packaging materials like the steel bands provided by our friends over at to transport your goods safely.

Find New Customers Using Modern Promotion Techniques

These are just a few of the promotion techniques that you can use to find new customers and avoid relying too much on one customer. Try some of them out for yourself, or hire a specialist to help you get started. If you continue to carry out these promotion strategies regularly, you stand a good chance of winning more customers and not relying too much on one customer.

Steve Smith is an import/export investor. He writes about his trading experiences on the web. His posts can be found business and financial sites.

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