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The need to create a more decisive competitive advantage and meet the growing demands of e-commerce peak season continue to force evolution in the global supply chain. Among shippers, differentiation in the supply chain rests at the crossroads of digital transformation and applied data.

As the world prepares for the upcoming peak season, uncertainty remains the one constant. And the ability to flex supply chain operations to manage increased demand is essential in the modern supply chain. Today’s shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSP) face an uphill battle to secure available capacity, allocate resources, and plan for an uncertain peak season. However, it’s hard to figure out what’s happening and what should happen without access to data-driven management’s full scale and capabilities. For that reason and to help shippers survive the unprecedented peak season, this white paper will explore:

  • The agility-generating trends driving interest in new peak technologies.
  • The opportunities afforded by using robotics process automation (RPA) to add value.
  • Applying big data-as-a-service to capture opportunities for improvement.
  • New opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to conserve resources.