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The global supply chain undergoes a marked shift in standards and expectations for efficiency in the wake of the pandemic. And no supply chain, not even the U.S. Department of Defense, is immune to the effects. There is a clear need to strengthen supply chain resiliency and flexibility to hold back the disruptions of both today and tomorrow. And as the world watches the U.S. election results unfold, it’s still time to think about uncertainty and how to build a better supply chain mousetrap. Fortunately, multimodal shipping is one-way shippers can achieve that goal and unlock renewed viability in existing networks and operations. To that end, this white paper will help with understanding multimodal, including an in-depth discussion of the following:

  • The basics of multimodal shipping and its often misunderstood definition.
  • The top challenges shippers face in leveraging multimodal capabilities.
  • Trends driving renewed interest in multimodal transportation.
  • A few myths that shippers need to know how to dispel before diving into the multimodal world.