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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented surge in “panic buying” of food, beverages, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other essentials. Rapidly restocking depleted retail shelves requires coordination on a massive scale. Orchestrating the efforts of suppliers, manufacturers, truck drivers, warehouses, retail employees and other critical links in the supply chain is no small feat, requiring technology, expertise, access to truckload capacity, communication, partnerships, and more. 

In the new cover article in Store Brands, JJ Lewis, VP of National Sales for GlobalTranz, joins a host of industry experts, including representatives from Albertsons, FMI- The Food Industry Association, Rudolph Foods, Good Planet Foods, the American Productivity and Quality Center, CHEP, Crisp, IHL Group,  and Mercatusto share insights on how companies across the supply chain have rallied together to meet consumer demand and ensure critical products are readily available on store shelves. 

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