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Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Supply Chain Trends to Know in 2020 That Will Guarantee Your Success” white paper!

The supply chain continues to change, and its latest changes reflect the uncertainty of the market and its unrelenting growth. Supply chain leaders face insurmountable pressure to lower costs, speed fulfillment, reduce issues, improve sustainability, and still make it home in time for dinner. It’s a complex process, and as the supply chain evolves, there will be those struggling to keep up and stay competitive. Fortunately, the modern supply chain is more forgiving through software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription capabilities and application programming interfaces (APIs). Of course, to really stay in tune with the industry, you need to know what to expect in 2020.

What the Supply Chain Trends to Know in 2020 White Paper will Cover

To that end, this white paper will explore:

  • The general supply chain technology trends of 2020.
  • The advanced logistics technologies that rise to an added level and go beyond basic advancement.
  • Technologies within warehouses and the trends they involve that will naturally lead into better transportation management.
  • The rising demand for omnichannel, multi-modal functionality and its potential.
  • The ever-growing concerns and need for parcel and LTL shipping to handle the requirements of the top verticals in the shipping industry.

We hope you enjoy this supply chain trends to know in 2020 white paper.