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It’s nearly impossible for the modern manufacturing industry to thrive without robots. Automation has boosted productivity, improved efficiency and made manufacturing operations safer. Despite all the good robots have done for the modern manufacturing industry, there are still misconceptions about how robots fit into the manufacturing landscape.

For example, many people believe that robots take work away from people and will eventually replace all workers on the production floor. Although it’s true that robots can work longer and more consistently than people in many tasks, manufacturing still needs human workers. In fact, automation often creates new jobs because robots require maintenance and programming done by people.

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Robots also have done a lot for the manufacturing industry by taking on more dangerous, dirty and repetitive work. Workers are not putting themselves at risk and have the potential to be more productive than previous generations.

People and robots will continue to work together to make the manufacturing industry more productive and effective.

Learn more about how robots improve the manufacturing industry today by checking out the below robotics infographic below.