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Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend Tim Young at Vero Solutions who came up with this fantastic interactive infographic about AI in the smart warehouse. 

After working together earlier this year on this article featuring an interactive graphic from Vero Solutions, I wanted to get back in touch as we’ve recently worked with Vero to create a new interactive graphic that I thought might be of interest to you. The new graphic reveals how AI is expected to revolutionize and increase efficiency in the smart warehouse. Users are able to click on 6 different areas of the warehouse featured on the graphic to see how each field will be transformed by AI, including:

How will AI transform the smart warehouse?

From as soon as 2020, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be transforming warehouse operations. Productivity levels, inventory processes and employee wages are just three fields that are expected to be revolutionised and improved by AI technology in warehouses in just a matter of years.