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Social Media for industrial companies and Digital marketing are a hot topic around the supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, transportation and other B2B industries as a way to connect with current and potential customers and industry peers, as way to gain new business and stay current on industry trends and news. Most companies have a presence on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. However, at times, these platforms, in order to gain an attributable ROI for the time and money spent on using the platforms to increase brand awareness and leads, require a lot of work. At Cerasis we fully believe, if used efficiently and with a good strategy executed properly, these social media platforms will and have yielded results according to our goals, but we also know first hand the daily grind and work that must go into each platform in order to get those desired results we seek.

Since we are active on the major social media platforms, and especially Twitter, after following Industrial Distribution on Twitter, we saw a tweet mentioning a new social media platform, IndustryHuddle. We could instantly see due to the partnership with Industrial Distribution and after filling out our profile, IndustryHuddle screamed social media for industrial companies. At long last, a niche social trade network to speak with our industry peers and even specifically match up with shippers who could be potential Cerasis customers.  After watching IndustryHuddle eclipse 500 members so quickly, we knew a sponsorship of five key industry “huddles”, would help boost brand awareness and inbound leads by reaching such vertical markets as Automotive Aftermarket, Restaurant Equipment & Supply, Tools & Fasteners, Carpet, Tile & Flooring, and Welding & Gases.

Cerasis joins other sponsors such as 3M and the publication, Industrial Distribution, in the sponsorship of these virtualized industry “Huddles”.

So we can help educate our readers on IndustryHuddle, an emerging place for marketing social media for industrial companies, we sat down with Founder Zac Haines.

A Q&A with IndustryHuddle, Social Media for Industrial Companies

Adam Robinson (AR):Where did the idea for IndustryHuddle come from, or rather, why did you start it?

Zac Haines (ZH): As the executive director of a national distributor buying group, Distributor Partners of America (DPA), I realized the importance of industry relationships and “know how” in a very real way.  More and more business is being conducted online, and with the advent of social networking websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it became apparent there was a need for a revolutionary website that took this kind of B2B interaction online.  IndustryHuddle caters to over 40 different product industries and the companies with in them (ie. Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Reps, Retailers, End-Users, Trade Publications and Industry Associations, etc.).  The site is niche and customizable, gaining any IndustryHuddle user increased brand exposure, expertise and new business leads.

social media for industrial companies industryhuddle

AR: How will IndustryHuddle help the industrial companies such as manufacturers, distributors, etc?

ZH: Our mantra is “Connect, Save, Grow” and that’s what we help our users do.  Even the “search” feature is designed to find specific types of companies in any market segment (i.e. a distributor of safety equipment & clothing items).  Once you connect with a company, you can “HuddleUp” with them and essentially make them a part of your business team.  IndustryHuddle allows users to upload bids, request quotes, request product samples, etc.  Users are also able to upload and take advantage of promotions, ecommerce and operational discounts which all translates to real savings.

AR: What are some things users can expect to see in the future from IndustryHuddle?

ZH: There is not any cost to sign up and join, and it will always stay that way.  Soon IndustryHuddle will be expanding to include “professional” accounts, so anyone can join as an individual and stay connected with their colleagues and industry friends.  Another feature will be the 24/7 IndustryHuddle newsfeeds and a “Deal of the Month” feature which are both located on each IndustryHuddle page.  Stay tuned because we have a lot of new features rolling out this summer.

AR: What industry trends are you seeing from your users that would be of value to our blog readers?

ZH: For the most part, I am seeing a gradual and yet dramatic consolidation taking place within each industry.  The larger companies are buying the smaller ones, and some have gone out of business via an inability to compete against the largest conglomerates or “box stores,” etc.  In response, businesses are forced to think outside the box and expand into new areas to meet the demands of their customers.  That is the beauty of IndustryHuddle because companies and get valuable exposure to new products and services simply by joining another industry page on the site…”cross pollination.”

AR: How can companies help spread the word for IndustryHuddle so more get involved, thus raising the value of the Social Media for Industrial Companies further?

ZH: It is  important to build our community to increase outreach of social media for industrial companies.  The first thing is, if you are not a member, visit and create an account for FREE in under two-minutes!  Once you have created a page and started to build your profile, the site allows you to “invite” new companies to join simply by typing in an email address and clicking send.  You can also upload your address book from outlook and other providers.  The person(s) you invite will receive a personal message from you and a link to your profile page so they can see what they’re missing.  I would also encourage users to consider adding an IndustryHuddle link to their website and in their email signature for their customers to see.  This will not only create a greater awareness of IndustryHuddle but also your company.  Logos can be downloaded here:  Finally, I encourage everyone to share IndustryHuddle with the various industry associations and trade organizations in which you are a member.  If you are in a local chamber of commerce, I know that the other companies in your organization will also benefit from the business networking and savings that can be found on the site.  As the community grows, so will your business!

So, if you are looking into social media for industrial companies, make sure you make IndustryHuddle a part of your platforms in order to reach your target audience. Go ahead and “Huddle Up” with us and let’s network!


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