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Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Frank Kern of IBM Global Business Services. In this blog, Frank discusses the logistics industry as a whole and the most promising startups in logistics. 

What is logistics? Now it is a very popular and widely-used word but not all people understand its meaning. Logistics is a field of activity related to the efficient movement of final products from the end of the production line to the customer. To get a full understanding of what logistics is make a small research.

In the context of start-ups, there are some serious and significant problems: the company should solve all the scheduling, procurement, transportation, storage, delivery and return problems, but the startup has no data to predict future demands, and it is limited in resources, financial and human power. The product, industry and potential customers directly influence the choice of the strategy of control of chain management. Understand this! The first thing aspiring entrepreneurs need to know is how much money they need to have to organize the logistics, startups in logisticshow many people are needed for this, where it is advisable to begin the production, to buy a storage place, with whom it is good to cooperate, where and how much to order and how to drive. The logistics company has to understand of these peculiarities of work.

When organizing the logistics processes, it is necessary to have a management system to control the couriers, a clear route. It is necessary to take into account the weight and volume characteristics of the goods. There is a need to define the payment system clearly.

If you need some money and want to have your own business in logistics you can use the following startups.

What are the most promising startups in logistics today?

Today, the world offers us unlimited opportunities. And all we need to do is to take the chance and put enough efforts to reach the success; the same situation is with startups in logistics – there are numerous possibilities, and you just need to find a suitable one. Below are few of the most demanded ones today.

“To deliver in 90 minutes” – the same day delivery

“Amazon” uses drones to make delivery of all items in the same day a reality. They also have launched a premium service within one hour. “Uber” is secretly testing the possibility of delivery of various goods and mail in the city where they are located. The news made it clear what is the problem that the major retailers around the world are now solving, “the last mile delivery.” The experts asked “Dostavista” Russian company, why they decided to focus on the delivery of 90 minutes and other features of the “fast” deliveries in the Russian cities. The answer is obvious. They want their company to stand out among other transportation companies, they want to be better and faster to win over the customers. The delivery on the same day is a very promising startup.

Delivery of food for petsstartups in logistics

There are a lot of people who take care of their pets like of little children, and they would be happy to order delicious food for their beloved pets through the logistics app. Many people are crazy about their small funny animals, and they are ready to make everything for their dogs and cats. This business can bring you much money if you organize it in a proper way. Try to sell only the food of a premium quality and bring happiness to families and their favorite pets. Try to do your best to succeed in this kind of business and you shall have plenty of orders and will get lots of loyal customers. That is true!

If you are a student, and you need to earn money you may seek for some business ideas on the Internet: there are a lot of various successful ideas on the Net. Find a suitable list of startups and use it to earn some extra money. If you have no time to work because of your studies, you can use an essay writing service; the professionals will do all your homework for you, while you shall be earning money for living and entertainments.

Startups in logistics can be very profitable if you understand how to organize it. Be very attentive and you will be successful.

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