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No matter what opinions you may have, one thing is for sure – The way things have changed regarding the aspect of supply chains has been nothing short of staggering. There are a great many new aspects such as highly advanced robotics, automated handling machines as well as the instant printing of certain physical goods that no one could have seen coming. Not to mention that the sheer technological benefits that these new inventions have to offer end up making the whole process a lot easier to handle on the whole.

Hence, it is only when we reflect on the past do we truly understand just how beneficial technology has been to certain key aspects of the process of strategic supply chain management. And contrary to what most people think, this did not occur several decades back, but during the last five years or so. Not only have the changes been tremendous, but even today, the process is in a state of constant adaptation and evolution. Plus more and more strategic supply chain management services have fully embraced change leading to a smoother journey and more customized solutions as well.

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Having said that, if you have struggled to understand the process of change, you need to ensure even more than ever that you keep up with the times. If you lag behind, then the danger of you getting lost in the frenzy is very much real as most of your peers would certainly be implementing all of the technological breakthroughs. By getting a good idea of how strategic supply chain management has changed in the recent past, surely you will be able to gauge all of the possibilities of your brand or service in a more efficient and timely manner.

Additionally, once logistics professionals and manufacturers start working together with the aid of new technology, you can be sure of the fact that a lot more customized solutions would be created, better decisions would be made, plus services would end up being a lot more prepared for what the future holds.

On that note, let us take a good look at some of the main aspects leading to the rise and sheer transformation of the aspect of strategic supply chain management:

  • A rise in acquisitions and major mergers: Not only will both the aspects always be an intrinsic part of a capitalist economy but with regard to the present-day scenario, what we are seeing is a clear indication of companies expanding into new services by acquiring certain services that are established experts in the field.Having a flexible 3PL (third party logistics) would mean more mergers which would, in turn, lead to the formation of a wider range of services for customers.
  • A return to regional demand: Globalisation is already in its peak stage and in recent years, a great many companies have gotten back their manufacturing base to their home countries. Many studies indicate that this trend will only increase, especially in the case of China and the United States. That is one of the key ways to ensure a reduction in costs as well as increased efficiency.
  • The aspect of increasing wages: The sheer competitiveness of wages has certainly increased in the last 2-3 years or so. A great many eCommerce companies have started hiring seasonal employees paying them very high wages to work during the peak months of demand.
  • Driverless transportation: Yes, hard as this may be to believe, it is indeed becoming a reality. The technology has benefited us much more than we could have ever thought, especially in the past few years. This sort of a breakthrough is vital towards reducing costs so partnering with a service that has innovative transport solutions could very well be the answer you have been looking for.

Here’s the thing – the moment you invest a valuable amount of time in technologically upgrading the processes of your supply chain management, you are bound to see an eventual change. Not an instant one, but rather a slow and consistent upward curve of continuous improvement as well as overall growth. This, in turn, will bring you even closer to all of your goals even more than ever before.

Due to the use of the word “chain,” one certainly needs to understand the fact that strategic supply chain management comprises of a great many aspects that are linked to one another as well as other related aspects. Once you apply all the above four aspects, you will be able to find out what you need to set yourself apart as well as ahead of the rest of the competition.