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6 Habits to Incorporate
 for Success as a Freight Agent

Can you think back on an occasion when you wish you had a business card to give to someone or you plain forgot to follow up with someone about a potential partnership? That will happen if you don’t incorporate these habits that every successful freight agent has into your daily routine.

#1: Map Out Your Day Every Day

One of the best habits to develop as a freight agent is to have a plan for each day. It sounds simple but many get stuck in a routine just going through the motions instead of having a clear direction for what you want to accomplish by the end of each day.

The most successful freight agents are always focused on both their short and long term goals. Each day their tasks are centered on driving up their sales numbers, adding more customers, and building up their portfolio. When you have a plan in place every day you are destined to succeed at reaching your goals.

CommandCenter from GlobalTranz allows you to setup milestones and to review your agency numbers broken down by day, week, or month. Learn more about what all CommandCenter can do for your freight business.

#2: Continually Educate Yourself

A common mistake made by many freight agents is neglecting to continually add to their knowledge base and to educate themselves. There is so much that is constantly changing in the freight industry today.

From new laws mandating certain reporting requirements to staying abreast of the latest technology, you must continually educate yourself to maximize your success. Subscribe to trade magazines and take advantage of freight agent training opportunities provided by your brokerage. Looking for educational opportunities is a great habit to develop.

#3: Spend Time Networking

If you are working as an independent agent under a brokerage house that does not offer much support you will have to carve out opportunities to network. Trade shows and memberships with certain trade organizations will help you make connections with others in your industry.

At GlobalTranz, our annual freight agent convention brings together all of our freight agent partners and GlobalTranz agency owners with hundreds of industry providers for networking and learning opportunities. When you get in the habit of spending time networking you are creating the opportunity to broaden your portfolio and increase your customer base.

#4: Respond to Communications

According to one survey, it took most companies three days to answer customer questions that required a response and most companies sent out triple the number of ad messages to their customers than responses to their questions on their social media platforms.

Providing top line customer service at all times is a habit that you have to develop in order to be a successful freight agent. CarrierRate2.0 is one of our software products that our helping freight agents and brokers take their customer service to the next level. Take a look at how CarrierRate2.0 can improve your overall customer service.

#5: Manage Your Online Platforms Daily

If you don’t have a freight agent website you should. The best way to become a successful freight agent is to use the power of the internet to promote your services. That includes linking your website to social media platforms that will help you to generate leads.

Just posting a tweet here and there is not good enough. You need a comprehensive online strategy that you manage every day in order to take advantage of this very useful marketing tool. Post regularly and make sure that you spend the money required to build a good looking and easily navigable website.

#6: Always Be Looking for Opportunities

Finally, the best advice on what habits will help you to become a successful freight agent is to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. You never know when or where the opportunity will arise for you to make a connection with a potential new client. However, you can improve your chances.

When you are a GlobalTranz freight agent, you have access to ShipperCenter; an innovative and exclusive tool for finding new prospects through our proprietary database. This tool is reserved for our top-producing agents and is one way to seize your opportunities for new business.

Add These Tools to Your New Habits

Any of the most successful freight agents in the business will tell you that developing these habits were a big part of their climb to the top. If you want to maximize your profits and build a lucrative freight agency, you should start incorporating these habits into your daily routine. For more information about adding our GlobalTranz products to your operations, contact us here.