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We have been rolling out our top 10 blogs by category for 2013 over the last few days first covering the top logistics blogs and then the top manufacturing blogs. Inherent in both manufacturing and logistics and the heart of most companies is the supply chain. Although Cerasis does not provide supply chain management, we do provide logistics management, the end and beginning of the supply chain. Many consider supply chain and logistics management to be highly related, and it’s important we write  supply chain blogs as well so we can continue to offer value to all of those in our ecosystem.

Top 10 Supply Chain Blogs of 2013

Below are the top supply chain blogs by page views on the Cerasis blog for 2013. If you read some popular supply chain blogs that you read, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

  1. What is 5S? An Explanation of the Elements of 5S for a Lean Culture:  Lean thinking and methodologies are an important part of creating efficiency, increasing collaboration, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction, all in an effort to increase your company’s bottom line.  Now, as stated in some of the feedback I have received on LinkedIn groups, Lean thinking is a culture mindset in your company. Read more.
  2. History & Academic Definition of Supply Chain and Logistics Management: Having come from the marketing field, and very new to the supply chain and logistics management field, it’s vital I feverishly research and study the field so our content resonates with our readers, our customers, those in our industry, and of course potential new customers. I have been researching over the past week the history of supply chain and logistics management, and I came across a fantastic visual representation of that history, via an infographic, from the SupplyChainOpz blog. Read more.
  3. What is Lean Six Sigma: A Combined Management Approach: There is always a better way to do anything….hey, why not combine LEAN initiatives with increasing quality? How can we accomplish this to exceed our customer’s expectations and add value , let’s answer your question “What is Lean Six Sigma?” Read more.
  4. Lean Initiatives: Understanding at a High Level & The Benefits of 5S: First, LEAN initiatives mean the elimination of all waste in any Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution Center, Fulfillment Center, and supply chain blogsThird Party Logistics (3PL) Provider. Don’t forget that this LEAN initiative can work in THE OFFICE as well!  Read more.
  5. What is & How to Create a LEAN Environment, The 7 Kinds of Waste, and intro to KAIZEN: Lean manufacturing and creating a LEAN culture has always created a lot of discussions in the supply chain and manufacturing world as a way to create an efficient company who is able to achieve high customer demand all while controlling organizational costs. Read more.
  6. What are Incoterms and Common Definitions of Incoterms: The Incoterms rules or International Commercial terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that are widely used in International commercial transactions or Procurement processes. Read more.
  7. Supply Chain Strategy: Cost Savings by Optimizing Orders Upstream: Like anything in life, having a vision or a strategy is key to success. Then you must execute and measure that strategy and be willing to take the data and then pivot after analysis to always be trending towards your goals. This is no different in supply chain strategy. Many consumer goods companies today are wasting too much time and resources trying to figure how to consolidate orders manually or with their transportation management systems (TMS). Read more.
  8. Plastic Pallets vs. Wood Pallets in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain: As part of the movement to ensure food safety from the beginning to end stages, plastic pallets have become a viable alternative to wooden pallets. Plastic pallets offer more food and beverage industries the peace of mind that their shipments will arrive ready to consume, without a health incident. Read more.
  9. What is Kanban and How Can it Aid in Lean Manufacturing?: “What is KANBAN and how can it aid in Lean Manufacturing?” Do you remember the theme to this LEAN series? It is that “There is always a better way to do anything.” When I introduced you to kick starting lean initiatives I spoke about one tool in your LEAN toolbag, 5S, and what benefits the elements of 5S hold to help you create a LEAN environment, in the next post in the LEAN series, I introduced you to KAIZEN or what is sometimes referred to as continuous improvement and how to eliminate the 7 wastes, and in today’s post I introduce you to another tool which can help you in your quest for LEAN manufacturing, KANBAN. Read more.
  10. The Importance of HARMONY in Supply Chain Management and Logistics: In Supply Chain Management and Logistics, we talk about collaboration very often. But, are we saying the word “collaboration”, maybe too often?  We feel that collaboration is lacking between the supplier, warehouse, customer/shipper, the logistics provider and the ultimate customer. So many supply chain and logistics professionals say, “The customer only asks for cost reduction and quick delivery.”  There is a better way to a “win-win” partnership through collaboration rather than pounding on the table.  Read more.

So there you have it folks, the top supply chain blogs of 2013! Again, we’d love to read what you are reading! Share your top supply chain blogs in the comment section below! What would you like to see from us in 2014 in our Supply Chain category?

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