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So are you running out of ideas on how to curate content for your supply chain company? Do you feel something is missing in the way you approach your strategies? You want to make it big, but somehow you aren’t able to make the cut? Well then, you have come to the right place.

Here we give you six simple yet effective DO’s to market your content the right way. With millions of people hooked onto the supply chain graph, I’m sure you would attract some good amount of supporters once you get your game right. Read on to know more and remember what Isrealmore Ayivor said, “Don’t wait for what you don’t have. Use what you have, begin now and what you don’t even expect will come alongside with excess of what you expect. Go, make it happen.” 

How to Write the Best Content for Your Supply Chain Company?

1. Stick to your basics

The easiest way to make it big is to continue doing what you are great at. Does that mean innovation takes a backseat? No. At the same time, if something sells, remember it will sell again for the mere reason that people love sticking to their genres.

For starters, analyze the previous posts to list those with the maximum number of likes, comments, and shares. Figure out a method to reproduce that success. It could be the title, subject matter, authorship, taglines, hashtags, post’s format or any other thing that worked in your favor. Create a blog editorial calendar that will assist you in to recreate the triumph of the past. 

2. Have an appealing headline

According to research in 2012, 27.7% of the world’s website traffic comes from various social media referrals. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms provide an excellent source of being discovered by others if your post does the trick.

So how can you make sure readers click the link to your post when they find it in their news feed? If you think carefully, you’d realize there are a lot of posts you open just because the titles look promising. Thus irrespective of the content you put in your posts, a good catchy headline is all you would need to increase your potential audience.

KFC, one of the leading supply chains, started with revenue of $2 million in 1964. Today, as the second leading brand after McDonalds, has a turnover of over $100 million. A simple name, with a definite good tagline, has led millions of people to be daily customers at this chain. This throws light on how a simple yet effective headline can work wonders.

Use the 4 ‘U’ rules to get the great headline you are looking forward to using in your next post:

  • Unique – Why is it different and compelling?
  • Useful – What valuable knowledge does it impart?
  • Ultra-specific – What can one learn from reading it?
  • Urgent – Why should one read it right now?

3. Blogs help market your content

If your website is getting direct traffic from a particular post, that shows you are moving in the right direction. With all the people visiting your page, you do not want them to leave without knowing your credentials well.

Add recommendations section at the end of your blog posts, which would show similar content. A dedicated reader will switch to go through more content, increasing page views, the time on site, click rate, growth rate, and engagement.

Few more things to be added are making subscription easier for the audience and the share links to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. So first, get these details right.

4. Let the pictures do the talking

Have you ever compared two blogs with and without pictures for meaningful content? You are more likely to stay hooked to the articles with images and gifs in it.

The reason social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are garnering an audience is due to their visual content. Marketing strategists pay great importance to the details of visuals. Repetitive mention of the page name or brand name and logo in all the pictorial representations grow on the follower’s mind every time they see it.

Use appealing featured images from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn. It will increase your visibility rate and overall shares of your post. And well, who doesn’t like high-quality descriptive and attractive content as a good read?

5. Keep the surprises coming

Emotions drive humans! Any article on the web that evokes a strong emotional connect with the reader is most likely to have a higher click rate. Studies conclude that there is a very strong bond between viral content and the emotion associated with it.

According to recent trends, you want your posts to gain popularity, related posts with these six emotions – joy, surprise, grief, disgust, anger and fear. This could go a long way in letting your content market itself, as they instigate a feeling of belongingness. Readers are more likely to share articles that they can relate to, or believe the person they share it to can feel the connection.

The next time you do not know what content to post on your website, think which of these emotions can be woven into words. 

6. SEO is a lifesaver

And while you are looking through all these points, remember the main game changer is SEO. When you post new content, you are creating a new page indexed by SERPs. This means Google itself is marketing your posts.

Paying attention to SEO helps in self-marketing your content. Use long-tail keyword searches to continue driving traffic to your page, which will lead to increased marketing and in turn garner the right kind of audience to your website.

Just like SEO, the shipping industry has the most impact on the global economy. Shipping companies transport most the world’s products. And they mostly market themselves via their tasks.

Your audience will appreciate your content. Just press the right buttons. You now know how to get it done, don’t you?

Author Bio:

As an academic researcher & private tutor, Bella guides the new age professionals and students with their career. A graduate from Monash University, Bella organizes free coaching workshops and promotes free sharing of knowledge. You can also find her on Linkedin.
Bella Williams
Academic Researcher

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