3 Ways Freight Brokers Lower Your Shipping Costs

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Freight brokers act as the intermediary between shippers and carriers. They have the network, the experience and the resources to fulfill orders and get shipments where they need to be. Yet, like anyone serving as a liaison, they are always fighting the stigma that they’re an unnecessary and expensive part of the equation. “Why pay a freight broker to move …

freight agent safeguards against weather-related challenges

6 Safeguards Freight Agents Can Take Against Weather-Related Shipping Challenges

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According to one survey, weather-related shipping challenges cost trucking companies between $2 billion and $3.5 billion on average. In fact, overall weather-related shipping challenges add up to close to 3.5% of the U.S. GDP. Unless you have a plan for managing risks due to weather, just one hurricane or devastating snowstorm could upend your business. Weather-Related Shipping Challenges Add Up …

Freight Brokerage Value vs Uber Freight Buzz

Freight Brokerage Value vs. Uber Freight Buzz

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The launch of Uber Freight got quite a bit of press last month, as Uber shared its vision of cutting out the middleman in freight movement by connecting shippers directly with available carriers and providing real-time pricing. Uber is not the first to attempt this model. Other companies have tried it with mixed results and minimal disruption to the traditional …

omni-channel logistics challenges

8 Omni-channel Logistics Challenges Facing Freight Agents

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In order to understand the difficulties facing freight agents in an omni-channel world, you have to realize that consumer demand is really driving these challenges. Technology has created a consumer market, even for large freight, that demands high-speed logistics across multiple channels to fulfill customers’ fast delivery expectations. People often think of the consumer’s view of omni-channel in the form …

GlobalTranz Technology

Why Our Technology is Better

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Relationships. Relationships are the basis for everything meaningful in life. Knowing someone personally to help arrange a critical shipment of inventory to your distributor is crucial to your success. Having that relationship in your corner means that you and your organization can succeed. GlobalTranz’s technologies serve one higher purpose, which is to bring you closer to the people on your team. …

How GlobalTranz is Leading the Freight Industry

How GlobalTranz is Leading the Freight Industry

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5 Reasons GlobalTranz’s Technology is Leading the Freight Industry Technology enables even the smallest freight agent to build a world-class freight agency. There is no freight logistics firm anywhere offering the type of advanced technology and integrated solutions that we offer at GlobalTranz. We have taken the power of technology and harnessed it in a concerted way to develop software programs …

5 Ways GlobalTranz Moves the Freight Logistics Industry Forward

How GlobalTranz Advances the Logistics Industry

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“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Those in the business know that we are known for our technology at GlobalTranz. But it is not just our technology that is moving the logistics industry forward. Most importantly it is how our technology helps our customers improve their freight businesses. …

3 Ways GlobalTranz is Helping Change the Logistics Industry

3 Ways GlobalTranz is Helping Change the Logistics Industry

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Ever since Bill Gates and Steve Jobs invented what we now know as the personal home computer back in the 80s, there have been many businesses that have utilized both the Internet and computer technology to amass a fortune. That has revolutionized the way the world does business and that change is sweeping the logistics industry. Change is Good Back …

How Freight Services Aid Economic Growth

How Freight Services Aid Economic Growth

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How Freight Services Influence Manufacturing and the Growth of the Economy The manufacturing industry, despite facing numerous hurdles such as the economic downturn and globalization, is still one of the most important pillars of our nation’s economy. In fact, there has been some significant positive growth over the past several years, and many analysts are highly positive about the future …