Are you ready to ride the e-commerce wave?

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By Bob Farrell, chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz Consumers and businesses buy everything online – from furniture and electronics to toilet paper and fresh groceries. There is hardly anything you can’t buy online. Digital shoppers account for an amazing 90% of Internet users and the National Retail Federation estimates 8-12% growth in US e-commerce in 2017. According to market researcher …

GlobalTranz Announces Launch of New Enterprise Freight Management Technology Platform – GTZrave

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA – April 11, 2017 – GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, today announced the launch of GTZrave™ – its next-generation technology platform. The GTZrave logistics technology platform delivers a comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to align shippers, carriers and freight agents for more efficient and effective movement of freight. Over the past few years, …

Logistics Technology Innovation – Q&A with GlobalTranz CTO

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GlobalTranz is investing heavily in logistics technology innovation and leading the market with its freight brokerage technology products for less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL), carrier selection and freight agent lead generation. This week, GlobalTranz CTO Greg Carter participated in a Q&A interview with Superb Crew in which he elaborated on the value GlobalTranz delivers to shippers, carriers and freight agents. …

10 Ways Freight Agents Can Minimize Last-Mile Logistics Issues

10 Ways Freight Agents Can Minimize Last-Mile Logistics Issues

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Amazon has nearly 80 fulfillment centers located throughout the U.S. That is partly how they are solving the last-mile issue. But for the typical freight agent, it’s not only cost prohibitive, it is often financially unfeasible to build one fulfillment center —let alone more than six dozen. With faster on-time delivery demand coming from consumers and trickling down to freight …

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Why Our Technology is Better

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Relationships. Relationships are the basis for everything meaningful in life. Knowing someone personally to help arrange a critical shipment of inventory to your distributor is crucial to your success. Having that relationship in your corner means that you and your organization can succeed. GlobalTranz’s technologies serve one higher purpose, which is to bring you closer to the people on your team. …

The Future of Logistics - GlobalTranz

The Future of Logistics and Where GlobalTranz Fits in

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By: Robert Farrell | CEO The Future of Logistics – and where GlobalTranz fits in “The logistics industry is going through a period of rapid and unprecedented growth —primarily fueled by increased demand and propelled by advances in technology. We’re finding faster, cheaper, and more reliable ways to ship anything, anywhere.”  Leading organizations today are increasingly dependent on multimodal transportation solutions …

5 Benefits of GlobalTranz TMS

5 Benefits of Using GlobalTranz TMS 

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We caught the wave at the very beginning. Before logistics software was an industry in and of itself, GlobalTranz was at the forefront. Today our TMS programs encompass every tool and advanced technology necessary for small and midsized freight agencies to compete or partner with larger firms. The Best TMS Offers Creative Solutions One thing that stands out for freight …

What Makes Our Technology Better – Big AND Small

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By: Bradley Hartwig | Senior Product Manager What Makes Our Technology Better “Highly visionary companies liberate themselves with the “Genius of the AND” the ability to embrace both extremes of a number of dimensions at the same time” – Jim Collins from “Built to Last” A SMALL COMPANY WITHIN A LARGE COMPANY Everyone knows that big companies can be slow. They can …

Here’s How GlobalTranz Integrates Old and New Supply-Chain Technology

How GlobalTranz Integrates Old and New Supply-Chain Technology

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Just a decade ago the logistics industry underwent a complete overhaul from a single carrier supply-chain model and whiteboard load schedules to a top-to-bottom technology driven supply-chain model. Now as technology takes its next big leap, freight agents will once again have to integrate their old systems with new supply-chain technology. What We Learned a Decade Ago When computerization and …