Logistics Technology Innovation – Q&A with GlobalTranz CTO

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GlobalTranz is investing heavily in logistics technology innovation and leading the market with its freight brokerage technology products for less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL), carrier selection and freight agent lead generation. This week, GlobalTranz CTO Greg Carter participated in a Q&A interview with Superb Crew in which he elaborated on the value GlobalTranz delivers to shippers, carriers and freight agents. …

The Future of Logistics - GlobalTranz

The Future of Logistics and Where GlobalTranz Fits in

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By: Robert Farrell | CEO The Future of Logistics – and where GlobalTranz fits in “The logistics industry is going through a period of rapid and unprecedented growth —primarily fueled by increased demand and propelled by advances in technology. We’re finding faster, cheaper, and more reliable ways to ship anything, anywhere.”  Leading organizations today are increasingly dependent on multimodal transportation solutions …

July 4th Weekend Cargo Theft Trends / Security Tips / Infographic

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  Click on the image to see the full infographic…   SUPPLY CHAIN FRAUD SECURITY TIPS   Cargo thieves enjoy the holidays because shipping volume of desirable goods increases, as does demand. Freight brokers should be extra diligent during the holiday season as fictitious pickups increase. End of day transactions should have strict vetting processes; a second look by a …

2016 Tech and Market Trends for all Freight Agents

2016 Tech and Market Trends for all Freight Agents

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Domestic shipments accounted for about half of all commerce over 2014. Prior to the 2000’s international shipments and even most domestic freight shipments were handled by the major carriers or in-house. Today’s freight industry however is putting freight agents in the driver’s seat and these tech and market trends are making it possible. Market Trends for Freight Agents in 2016 …