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On this last day in 2014, from everyone at Cerasis, we wish you a Happy New Year and great success in 2015 for all those in business. Today we continue our “Top Blog Posts” series, after covering the top posts in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and transportation so far, by bringing you a subject all of us must focus on: Business. Although at Cerasis we provide services for transportation management for shippers in North America through technology and services, the aim of our blog is to provide a well rounded perspective of valuable content beyond best practices and trends of our niche focus on the supply chain, logistics, and transportation areas. We also want to provide some of the best content from us and guest bloggers around general business trends and practices. Today we will feature the 11 most popular blogs that fall into the business category by page view.

Top 11 Most Popular Blog Posts on Business in 2014 by Page View

This year, the subjects that really stood out in the business category dealt with honesty, customer service, culture, innovation & economic impact in manufacturing businesses, and of course advice from an expert on the Affordable Care Act, which was and still is a somewhat nebulous subject to understand but is a must for any business owner to get their heads around. Here are all the 11 most viewed blogs in our business category for 2014, starting first with the most viewed:

  1. 100 B2B Sales and Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in sales or marketing, these 100 sales statistics will change the way you sell and the way you approach prospects. Learn a few little-known facts about top sales and marketing performers and become more effective and efficient in your sales and marketing processes. Read the Full Blog Post.
  2. Can they Handle it? Why all Bosses need to Hear This ONE Thing: I had data. I had solutions. I knew what we needed to do to gain the most revenue we can possible from our resources we are expanding. I knew it would make us more profitable. I knew that it would make us a better company long term and reach our revenue goals sooner and more efficiently. I knew what had to be done, YET, I was scared to tell my boss. WHY? Read the Full Blog Post.
  3. Efficient Consumer Response (ECR): Adding Customer Value to the Supply Chain using Collaboration: Efficient Consumer Response is a strategic concept created by the processed food distribution industry in the U.S. aiming to recover competitive strength. Whether a company can survive depends on whether the company can provide customers with higher values. Read the Full Blog Post.
  4. The Importance of Company Culture for Continuous Improvement (and Long Term Success): The constant drive of process improvement is the key to a successful organization. Many organizations fail to succeed because they place this accountability on leaders instead of people actually doing the work. As a company, we need to build the culture of continuous improvement bottom up, from the most valuable areas of the organization – where the valuable processes are occurring. Empowering ALL team members within an organization to continuously seek opportunities for improvement is what will lead to strength within a company. Read the Full Blog Post.
  5. Content Marketing Making Strides in the Manufacturing Industry: Report: Most executives in the manufacturing industry are laggards when it comes to understanding the new buyer’s habits and how they apply to go-to-market strategy and tactics… the window of opportunity is open for modern, bold executives willing to change the way they interact with their target audience… Read the Full Blog Post.
  6. To SaaS or not to SaaS? Do you know what is Right For YOU?: It seems that every now and then new buzzwords pop up, whether in newspapers and magazines (yes, they still exist), the Internet and everyday conversations with people. Today, slightly irritated by some of the commercials I have been seeing in the media, I wanted to talk about Software as a Service, or SaaS. Read the Full Blog Post.
  7. What The Walking Dead Can Teach Manufacturing Companies About Audience Cultivation: When it comes to Manufacturing or Industrial companies, there is a movement that digital marketing is dead and doesn’t work. That content marketing and audience cultivation are a waste of time for those industries. I’m going to show you in less than 540 words why content marketing and audience cultivation are critical to manufacturing and industrial companies. And I’m going to use zombies to prove my point. Read the Full Blog Post.
  8. Obamacare: Minimum Essential Coverage vs. Qualified Healthcare Plan: I’m a part-time worker and my current employer offers health insurance that does not meet the minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act,” Rickels wrote. “I talked to someone at the call center for the Affordable Care Act and was told that as long as I had health insurance through my employer I would not be fined. So I bought that insurance and now I’m hearing differently from my coworkers, and that I might be fined. Read the Full Blog Post.
  9. Government Regulation in Business and Why Businesses Should Not Throw in the Towel: Businesses that are not growing are dying. As a business owner or manager, if you announce that you are purposely not growing, you are alerting your competitors that you have given up on the fundamental lifeblood of any business, growth. Businesses exist to grow. If you own or operate a business and have taken the position that you can no longer grow your business because of the ACA, you are guaranteeing success for your competitors. Read the Full Blog Post.
  10. Manufacturing Impacts Your Local Economy, Now you Can Prove it with Economic Impact Rating Certification: These days, the number one concern for Americans is jobs. We hear about it every day on the news, across the web and survey after survey confirms that. If you create jobs, why not stand out for what matters most to your customers? With the Economic Impact Rating displayed on your product, website and marketing material, you can do just that. Read the Full Blog Post.
  11. The $300 Million Obama Manufacturing Push & Reinvigorating American Manufacturing to A Culture of Innovation: This phrase: “Reinvigorating American Manufacturing” and many many more like it (such as Renaissance, Recovery, Resurgence and more) have popped up all around the manufacturing community this year in media, by politicians, economists, and those working in and around the industry. Just yesterday, 8 days before the general election, the Obama Administration announces another push towards the support of the re-invigoration of American manufacturing with an executive order to put $300 Million towards American Manufacturing. Read the Full Blog Post.

What are you favorite general business subjects which you think impact us all or impact those in manufacturing and distribution? Let us know in the comments section below! Happy New Year to everyone!