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By: Robert Farrell | CEO

The Future of Logistics

– and where GlobalTranz fits in

“The logistics industry is going through a period of rapid and unprecedented growth —primarily fueled by increased demand and propelled by advances in technology. We’re finding faster, cheaper, and more reliable ways to ship anything, anywhere.” 

Leading organizations today are increasingly dependent on multimodal transportation solutions that leverage technology to drive competitive and operative advantages. Organizations leverage technology or see their market share and ability to operate erode.  Some say that the logistics industry has been slow to adopt technology. That may or may not be an accurate blanket statement, but what is clear is that the leaders in the logistics world are shaping the future with technological innovation.

At GlobalTranz we are moving freight across multiple modes with disruptive technology. Our technology platform is helping redefine and drive growth in the logistics industry. We are uniquely positioned to help enterprise through small shippers use technology as a business differentiator.

What’s Changing in Logistics

From the rapid growth of e-commerce, the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT), growing and emerging markets, and more —shippers face a number of challenges that weren’t even imaginable a decade ago. These are just a few:

Big Data 

Big data is changing many industries, not just logistics. We’re now able to store, manipulate, and understand huge quantities of data —using it to our advantage.

The Internet of Things 

Perhaps the most interesting change has been via the IoT, cloud-based and sensor technology, which will further allow for advances in tracing everything from the location to the temperature of a particular piece of freight.


The competitive climate in logistics has never been fiercer than it is today. With companies constantly trying to find the best and most efficient services, the bottom-line is always a top priority. Shippers who are able to offer the most competitive rates will win the business.

Where GlobalTranz Fits

No other logistics firm offers the advanced technology and integrated solutions that we offer at GlobalTranz. We have taken the power of technology and harnessed it in a concerted way to develop software designed specifically for our freight agent partners and internal resources to help grow and monetize their freight businesses, and to outpace the rest of the industry.

Here’s how GlobalTranz fits into this evolving and ever-changing landscape:

… by offering unified solutions

Our shipping partners have no need to buy multiple pieces of software to manage customers, search for leads, and manage shipments. With GlobalTranz, there is no patchwork of systems. Everything is contained in our three top-tier applications: CarrierRate2.0, CommandCenter, and ShipperCenter. Whether the partner specializes in LTL, full truckload, expedited services, or supply chain —everything they need to run their freight business is available via our system.

… by offering home-grown ideas

At GlobalTranz, we don’t outsource development of our programs. Our team of logistics experts plays a vital role in the creation and testing of our programs to ensure they lead the industry.

… by offering a full set of products

When shippers partner with GlobalTranz there is a seamless continuity between our diverse family of products. Trying to sync a program from one provider with a program from another is an exercise in futility. With GlobalTranz, our full set of products allows shippers to focus on their business rather than spending valuable time trying to learn —or find— systems that will work for them.

… by offering comprehensive support

Even when shippers find a CRM or TMS program that meets their needs, they still (generally) need to invest in accounting software, sales materials, and more. Not with GlobalTranz. From our transportation management systems to our CRM tool, we have solutions for every aspect of their freight business in-house —including the support of our sales team, payroll and billing specialists. We manage administrative tasks so our partners can focus on what they do best.

Leading the Industry in Technology Advancements

GlobalTranz has been focused on making shipment management easier for freight agents and brokers for nearly a decade and a half. As technology has improved, so have our products and services —offering our partners the best-in-class tools to run their businesses and succeed in the industry.

But, technology alone does not guarantee success. It’s how that technology is harnessed that makes the true difference. I’m excited to continue our mission to help our partner agents and internal resources become some of the top 3PLs in the country.









Robert Farrell | CEO