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Top 5 Benefits of Working With a Managed Transportation Services Provider

In the past few years, more companies are choosing to outsource logistics and supply chain services, and for good reason. Outsourcing your transportation management needs to a Managed Transportation Services (MTS) provider comes with an impressive array of benefits, including gaining access to transformative Transportation Management System (TMS) software, optimizing your transportation networks, developing strategies to identify the best warehouse locations to lower overall landed costs, improving efficiencies, and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Explore the top five benefits of outsourcing your logistics and supply chain needs to an MTS provider in this brief round-up article.

 1. More Time to Focus on Your Business

When you delegate tasks and functions that aren’t core to your business, such as transportation management, you’ll discover more time to devote to growing your company. Operating an internal freight department requires hiring specialized talent and skill sets. But working with an MTS provider gives you immediate access to a broad range of capabilities and expertise you don’t have to “buy” to leverage daily.

2. Improved Supply Chain Visibility, Efficiency

When working with your MTS provider, you’ll be able to leverage technology that gives you more visibility (and peace of mind) into your supply chain. Advanced TMS technology, such as that offered by GlobalTranz, puts more power into your hands. In the process, you’ll also be able to integrate your ERP, WMS, CRM and other back-office systems with the TMS.

3. Lower Overall Freight Spend

MTS providers offer experience, technology and scale to help you lower your overall freight spend. Simply managing your freight more efficiently translates into bottom-line savings. In addition, MTS providers have competitive contracts with truckload and LTL carriers that allow them to pass the lower rates on to you. Many MTS providers can also help you save money on services like warehousing inventory and expedite services.

4. Decrease Supply Chain Risk

MTS providers work diligently to decrease your supply chain risks, which minimizes costly errors. For instance, the GTZconnectTM logistics platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies coupled with big data principles to identify and solve issues before they happen. 24/7 monitoring alerts you to any disruptions in your supply chain, such as weather, and helps you plan contingencies.

5. Shipping Speed and Cost—a Powerful Differentiator

Regardless of your industry, the sustained benefits of working with an MTS provider are irrefutable. Today, how a company manages its freight can be a powerful differentiator—just as compelling as product innovation. As Ross Spanier, GlobalTranz’s Senior Vice President for Sales & Solutions, commented, “Now more than ever, supply chain efficiency can make or break a company’s success. By working in tandem with a knowledgeable MTS provider, shippers can tackle changes to the marketplace and continue to compete, grow and thrive.”

Learn how Managed Transportation services can drive overall cost savings and efficiency into your supply chain. Request a logistics and freight needs analysis.

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